Kheerganga Trekking: A Complete Guide

Kheerganga is situated in the lap of lovely Parvati Valley situated in the Kullu locale of Himachal Pradesh. The Kheerganga top is arranged at a height of around 3000 metres above ocean level.

The mother of Kartikeya and spouse of Shiva visited Kartikeya and cooked him rice pudding (Kheer) in the underground aquifers. Subsequently, the name Kheerganga.

Kasol Kheerganga trek in the wonderful Parvati valley is the best trekking experience you can have in the Himalayas. You will see probably the best grand magnificence en route to Kheerganga. Parvati valley is one of the most excellent objections in Himachal Pradesh. Visiting this locale of Himachal would be the best experience you can have as a trekker.

Kheerganga trek is additionally an incredible encounter to find out about the way of life of the neighbourhood individuals. Kheerganga trek is an incredible trekking experience for amateurs who need to encounter the Himalayan excellence. It is one of the most renowned treks in Himachal Pradesh. Consistently, many sightseers embrace this remunerating trek to Kheerganga.

In any case, there isn’t exactly sufficient data accessible that will help the initial time trekker to Kheerganga. All the famous Himachal travel bundles have added Kheerganga Trek as a fundamental experience movement in their rundown of trekking objections.

Best Tourist Attractions And Activities On Kheerganga Trek

1. Nakthan Village

Nakthan town is a stop en route to Kheerganga. All trekkers pass this town and some decide to remain here to rest. Nakthan town is a delightful spot where you can restore your soul. You can partake in certain bites and partake in the organisation of the amicable local people.

The conventional Himachali house structures are one of a kind and are an extremely old approach to developing houses which are as yet being rehearsed by the residents. Nakthan town is an incredible stop which is actually the centre of your trekking venture. You can partake in a few lovely perspectives and allow it to set it as you rest. Catching a portion of the magnificence in your camera will cause you to love your excursion once you finish it.

2. Taking a dunk in the underground aquifers

Natural aquifers are probably the best component of Kheerganga and the whole locale of Kasol. On the off chance that you are going to Kheerganga, make a point to wash up in one of the numerous natural aquifers accessible nearby.

Ensure you don’t miss this experience of taking a dunk in the natural aquifers. Natural aquifers are especially thrilling assuming you are on your outing to Himachal in December.

3. Setting up camp

It is truly an encounter to camp in the lap of the lovely nature around the Kheerganga trek.. It is probably the best inclination you can have, all things considered.

Assuming you are going on your Himachal visit bundle, try to tweak your visit bundle to remember setting up camp for the rundown of your encounters.

4. Kalga Village

Kalga town is one of the most ‘Insta-commendable’ objections. Vacationers visiting this quiet and lovely town have made this town much well known lately. There have been numerous web-based media posts where you can see probably the most wonderful normal scenes that Kalga is honoured with.

Kalga is for certain probably the best spot to visit in Himachal Pradesh. There are some great bistros where you can invest some quality energy with yourself or your friends and family. Local people are agreeable and the environment is exceptionally tranquil.


This was a little manual to assist you with arranging your Himachal visit to Kheerganga in a mindful manner. Keeping the central issues referenced in this guide will assist you with saving a great deal of time and make your excursion a paramount one. Likewise, voyaging mindfully by regarding local people and not harming the climate will assist the travel industry with flourishing.

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