Delicious King Crab Legs

King crab legs are considered delicacies these days due to the high levels that occur in the waters and basically due to the popularity of them on the dinner table. Not only is it the sweet, delicate flavour with its unique texture that up holds the reputation of this cab species, but the sheer size of the king crab, is a hell of a lot bigger than any toher crab known to man.

Within restaurants king crab legs are also considered a delicacy and are usually known to be the best dish on the menu. So if you come across it in a menu, disregard the price, try it and love it. At least you will be a few of the lucky minority who have had the chance to taste the king crab.

Now that we have got the basics away regarding the King crab, lets mention some of the healthy factors it comprises making it the ideal candidate for a very healthy diet aiding in slimming some folks down. If were lucky enough to have this on your door step day in and day out, making a daily diet out of it, would be one of the more slimmer individuals around. One serving of king crab, typically a leg or two, only comprises approximately 100 calories. This doesn’t mean that your body will be starved of the necessary nutrients and energy as this crab also contains an extremely high level of protein which will keep the muscle side of you built up enabling tone definition to be achieved. Regarding the bodies other functions, the crab comprises many essential vitamins and nutrients.

Moreover, the crab legs are a first-class source of vitamin C, foliate and magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, selenium and vitamin B12. They also provide a substantial amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to prevent cancer development, highly boost the immune system and prevent heart attacks as well as other heart diseases.

So consider your options with regard to meals, a fatty everyday burger which has no goodness at all or a different than usual meal such as the king crab which you could prepare and serve a million different ways for variations of flavors. It really is not a viable question because if you were serious about losing weight you would skip the burger and go straight for the crab thus, not consuming as many fats, calories, sugars or carbohydrates.

The traditional way to serve the king crab would be with melted butter coupled with lemon juice. This will bring out the flavors enough to make it one of the best dishes whilst simultaneously keeping all the goodness inside. If you want you could experiment with other flavors and even mix it up with salads etc.

Now I know that the king crab is not readily available and is very expensive, but all these same principles can be applied with other crab species such as the Rock, Stone, Dungeness or even the Snow or Blue crab. All these species have high flavor content, low in fat, calories and sugars whilst being high in protein and vitamins.

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