Everything That You Need To Know About Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft Certifications offer materials to assist you in preparing for and excelling in occupations that need these software skills. You will be ready to excel in a range of professional domains if you have proof of Microsoft certification on your resume. 

Microsoft certification training validates your technical skills for specific Microsoft technology-related roles. Microsoft offers over 250 certifications for various levels of skill-based on connected tests, and you may need to achieve them in order. A standard exam costs $165. Renewal is required once a year to guarantee that you have current product knowledge.

The Microsoft certification procedure-

Any skill level can be accommodated by the Microsoft certifications. There are three levels of certification available to you to meet you at your specific level:

Fundamental: The fundamental level in Microsoft certification courses. Start here if you’re changing careers or are new to the tech industry.

Associate: If you already have two years of experience in technology, start here. Microsoft recommends obtaining Fundamental credentials before pursuing associate certifications; however these prerequisites are not essential.

Expert: If you have two to five years of technical experience, start at the expert level. To qualify for expert-level credentials, you may need to pass associate-level tests for all Microsoft online courses.

Why should you earn a certification?

Proof of knowledge or skill in Microsoft certifications can help you develop in your job, open doors, and lead to higher income. Including certificates on your resume might help you stand out from the crowd. Depending on the profession, certifications may necessitate one to three exams.

A Bunch of Myths about the Microsoft Certification Course:

To qualify for the exam and become a Microsoft certified professional, you do have to prepare for the test well and have good knowledge about all the subjects surrounding the certification. Therefore, it is important to know about these myths to clear any misconceptions.

The Certification Course is Free-

No good and trustworthy course is genuinely free. So, beware of all those media ads you see on the internet claiming free courses because they are likely not up-to-the-mark. This is a Microsoft seal, a mark on your résumé. The company supplies the product for which you will work by earning money. The official cost for the course ranges from $50 to $150 per exam.

Taking the course means great job prospects-

Absolutely not! Certification is not a working permit or a plaque for companies to hire you instantly; it is confirmation that you have the necessary abilities to take up jobs related to Microsoft or cloud computing, etc. Of course, if you have one or more credentials, you will have an obvious lead in a selection. However, you will soon be evaluated and will need to demonstrate your abilities.

The tests are in English only-

Absolutely not. It used to be in the earlier years because the idea of Microsoft artificial intelligence, in general, was a far-fetched idea. But, now, with the evolving technology and people becoming more and more accustomed to the internet and devices, the test has translated versions. Maybe not for all languages, but for most widely-spoken languages, it is available in translation.

Simulation is the key-

Instead of just remembering content from a study guide, simulation questions ensure that the person taking the exam has had some hands-on experience with the product they are being examined. As a result, it prepares your mind for what is to come; thus, this one is a yes!

To appear for the test, you need to take an official course-

To take the certification exam, you do not need to undergo an approved course. In theory, no course is required, albeit it can be more difficult to pass this way. You can self-study if you are confident enough, and you can devote a generous amount of effort, to appear for the test and act it without any courses!

You need to travel a long way to take the test-

We’re not stuck in the 90’s still, so this is not even a point! Now, if you want to take a course on Microsoft or pursue a career in cloud security, you can take the Microsoft certification test online! There’s no need for you to travel at all. 

Here are all the answers and myths cleared regarding the Microsoft certifications.

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