How Customer Service Is Performed Throughout The World

There is no doubting the fact that customer service is one of the most prevalent good business practices in the world. We categorize customer service as a good business practice and not an essential ingredient for quality customer service because there is a way that a business can be established without customer service but there is simply no way that it can succeed without performing it. Customer service gives the opportunity for businesses to get feedback about their service offerings. Alongside this, it offers businesses the chance to convince consumers who are just about to jump ship to competitors to keep subscribing. Along with all of that, customer service can also lead to companies getting more information about their products. People do generally tend to give honest feedback to customer service departments. There is another way that customer service departments can help businesses succeed. The way this can happen is through the process of referrals. For example, as Xfinity customers, if we call Xfinity customer service and let them know of an internet outage and our problem gets fixed immediately, we are much more likely to recommend the services of Xfinity to other people. 

Are you a business owner trying to establish the grounds for a good consumer care team? Now that we have elaborated upon how customer service is indeed important to the corporate world, it may very well be upon us to decipher the different ways in which customer service is performed. 


Artificial intelligence is used for performing customer service through chatbots. Using chatbots allows us to make full use of the marvel of technology. This way, companies wanting to give their consumers a customer service outlet do not have to spend money on hiring customer service specialists. There are different ways companies set up their chatbot channels. The most common way is to have chatbots interact with the customers at the start. If simple troubleshooting instructions such as how to turn on a modem are required, they will be available through the chatbot and no employee of the company will have to interact with the consumer. However, on the other hand, in the case that the issue is a bit more complicated than can be resolved by a simple consumer complaint, the chatbot may refer the problem to the person in the company that can resolve the complaint in the best manner possible. Although chatbots are an incredibly efficient technique to increase productivity, they are actually not very popular amongst the masses. The reason is the lack of the human touch that we will be detailing in the latter paragraphs. 

Phone Customer Service

This kind of customer service, as the name suggests, is performed over voice calls on a phone. The people who are on the voice call representing the company are not robots and so voice calls add that human touch that customers so desire. People tend to appreciate the fact that an entire human is spending its energy on serving them. Another advantage of voice calling is that you get responses immediately. Bear in mind that when you are talking to chatbots, they often take a fair bit of time to answer questions as the questions are often referred to as human agents. It has to be mentioned that phone customer service is significantly more expensive as compared to chatbots. After all, having people available to pick up phone calls and guide customers is expensive! Not only does having employees cost money, but these employees also charge a premium in terms of salary because of their advanced communication skills. 

Walk-In Customer Service

This kind of customer service is used to ensure that customers have the ability to get dealt with in person. This adds even more of a human touch than phone customer service. After all, you are in close proximity to another person who is there for the sole purpose to help you! Walk-in customer service as one may expect is actually one of the most expensive types of customer service to perform for a business.  After all, the business will be having to pay for not only the people but also the premises of the walk-in customer service center. 

Concluding Thoughts

For now, this is it. We hope this article helps your business succeed, at least, in the realm of customer service.  

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