How Many Types Of Luxurious Residential Properties In Mohali?

Are you willing to buy your first luxury residential property in Mohali? But don’t know where to start? Well, you should start with the types of residential flats. Here Nobel Callista has provided you with detailed information that will help you pick a suitable luxurious home. Our properties are not only budget-friendly but also the dream place where you will want to live for a lifetime. Here are the types of properties classified according to their size, features, and amenities that we are offering:

Penthouse Apartments

Let’s talk about the penthouse apartment. A penthouse apartment is kind of an extravagant flat. The penthouse apartments are situated on the topmost floor of the building with a beautiful skyline and landscape scenery. Also, you will find out that in the penthouse, you will get your private entrance and elevator that is not offered in other apartments. Furthermore, patios and roof-top sundecks are a Penthouse apartment’s unique features that you can’t see in any other apartment.

Studio Apartments

The second type of luxury apartment is the Studio apartment. This type of apartment is well-known for the affection of the artists. Studio apartments are moderately small flats with Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom combined well within one single room like a one-room apartment. They are also widespread as Efficiency Apartment or Bachelor Apartment due to their small but efficient space. If you are a bachelor or want a place you will be able to live alone this is a perfect flat for you.


The next luxury property in Mohali is known as Condominium. However, individually owned apartments where multiple people live together to share the same home are known as a Condominium or Condo. The owner rents the property to a smaller group of people who pay an annual sum of money to stay in this apartment.

High Rise Apartments

The majority of them are in urban areas due to the compact properties in the central regions of cities due to the high number of people living there, and high-rise apartment buildings are high-rise structures that typically offer 2BHK, 3BHK, or 4BHK units. They are primarily found in the outside urban areas with modern buildings.

Low Rise Apartments

Comparatively, with High Rise Flats, the low-rise apartments tend to be smaller, but they offer greater privacy and are more flexible regarding leasing and rent. They come with elevators and are better suitable for the central areas of the city, which are notorious for their high property prices.

Convertible Apartment

A studio or conventional one that has a layout that can be adjusted to provide more space is called a convertible Apartment. The walls used for creating are movable by nature and provide excellent privacy and utility in these homes.


Lofts are enormous rooms in a building usually converted into a residence from a commercial space. Since they typically have extensive areas, lofts are able to be transformed into studios, 2-bedroom apartments, or 3 BHK units.

Garden Apartments

Apartments that have gardens are known as Garden Apartments. They are typically located on the front or in the homes based on the home style. Most often, they are located on the ground floor. They will come with more oversized windows.

Duplex And Triplex Apartments

Duplex apartments are two floors and an entrance common to all with a private staircase leading to the first floor, while a home with three levels is referred to as a Triplex. Triplex. These are luxury homes with extra room for additional rooms since the design is optimized.

Serviced Apartments

The apartments are renowned due to the privacy and luxury they provide. Most often, they are booked for a brief duration. These apartments are preferred for travelers looking to spend a few days in the city or those seeking a private space. The prices for these apartments vary based on the reason and the season.


Whether a simple one-BHK apartment or penthouse, you will find a perfect place to live with Noble Callista. We have a wide range of luxurious properties in Mohali. You just need to contact us and tell us what type of apartment you are looking for. And we will help you every step of finding a perfect dream home for you. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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