Top 5 Tapestries That Will Give Your Room an Ethnic Feel

        Top 5 Tapestries That Will Give Your Room an Ethnic Feel

Nowadays very much in trend tapestry is an important form of art that has been around since the medieval ages. It’s a very much vibrant and versatile piece of fabric that can be used for many purposes which also includes decorations like home decor and it depicts the history and other significant events too. As there are many varieties of tapestry among all of them mandala tapestry is hugely popular for decoration purposes. Wall hanging mandala tapestries are often hung on walls for decorative purposes and they can give that chic stylish look to your space. This nice colorful fabric wall hanging that can be tied together any in your room. You can also hang them on their own or pair them with other wall art pieces to create an absolute artistic look. Everyone wants to make their space interior design according to their style, the most important room for most of us is the living room as it is small or big but it will set the impression. There is that say the first impression is the last and hence we need to work a lot to create a sway of art. The tapestries will work great for home decors. Here are the top 5 types of wall hangings that can help to add an ethnic feel to your decor.

Boniboni Trippy Mushroom Tapestry

This very unique tapestry can absorb visual stimuli from any angle to produce a bizarre scene. The overall effect of this tapestry is a fantastic mural produced by your thoughts. The mushrooms, snails, fancy plants and leaves, sun and moon form a beautiful and spectacular portrait on wall decor. This is always a great way to give a gift to someone for any indoor and outdoor use. Boniboni is a compact design for home decor. This piece features vivid colors and crisp lines it will add a sense of mystery and eye-catching to your decor.

The Blissful Mandala Tapestry

These large prints of Mandla tapestry add an ethnic feel to any room at home. The beautiful mandala tapestry can be used to hang it on the wall or can be used as the bedspreads. You can give a traditional feel to any room in your house. The mandala tapestry can be used to hang it on the wall or it can be used as the bedspreads. Also, create a spiritual vibe in your home with positive energy by hanging a mandala tapestry. You can be used as the bedspread in your bedroom decor. You can choose multiple colors that do not break the synchronous hues of colors and decor inside the room. The appreciated home decor of a mandala tapestry looks best when it is hung to the wall. The mandala tapestry is quite sufficient in its looks and spread on the fabric.

Art Box Green Tree of Life Tapestry

This type of tapestry is perfect for any room in your house. This boho-style masterpiece will make an impact no matter where you hang it from your living room to your bedroom, dorm hallway, or even as a backdrop for your picnic table. You can wrap yourself in this Art Box Green Tree Life tapestry when you are looking to add color to the walls. The perfect wall art can transform any space into a sanctuary of contemplating and mindfulness.

Spenlife Tree of Life Tapestry

Indulge yourself in a bubble of serenity with this Tree of Life tapestry. This is made up of high-quality polyester fabric, can be hung up anywhere to add a touch of exoticism and cheer for your home or office. This wonderful tapestry is great for so many different occasions. It can be used as a wall hanging, sofa covers, indoor tablecloths, and outdoor picnic blankets.

Summing Japanese Ocean Wave Tapestry

This is the perfect addition to any home, Sumid Japanese Ocean tapestry is rich in colors and its gorgeous design will instantly spruce up your space and this classic tapestry can be displayed on either a wall or as a display banner for an area of your choice. With the serene backdrop at your home, you will be able to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the mountainside resort sunset house at Sumind hotel. This tapestry can easily blend in nicely with any interior decor without overwhelming the space. This will be great for marine enthusiasts. It can be hung outside or indoors and looks great on just about any surface. 

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