Top 7 SEO Tools to Rank Higher on the Web

In the digital era, technological advancements are shaping how businesses are run these days. Most businesses adopt these technologies to drifts towards a natural approach to attract clients. In all the buzz, SEO is playing one of the most important roles in enhancing the overall exposure of online businesses. This article offers you a brief approach to some of the best SEO tools that will come in handy for the best results.

So, without beating the bush, here are the top 7 SEO tools you must be aware of. It becomes easier to improve your business’s online presence with SEO. Read on.

7 Best SEO Tools For Digital Growth

Google Search Console

When it comes to observing the performance of your website on Google SERPs, Google Search Console comes in handy. You get a unique code after registering your website with this SEO tool. The best thing about this tool is that you don’t need to create an account.

However, it will merely present you with the data of your website and its performance on search results. It gives you a different perspective that helps you see your website from a user or bot’s view.


How about learning about the weakest parts of your websites? That is where Ahrefs comes to play. It is a web crawler that is by far the best SEO tool to exist. Even though there is a free version, however, it has certain limitations.

With the paid version of Ahrefs, you get information regarding the backlinks used by your rivals or potential competitors. Therefore, you can use the same to enhance the overall ranking of your website.


You have to play smart while using a set of keywords in the digital era. Hence, KWFinder is one of the best SEO tools that help you find low competition keywords. Moreover, you get to explore long-tail keywords for specifying the content on your website.

Furthermore, it gives you a render report about SERPs and backlinks. There is a rank tracker tool integrated into FWFinder that can be used to improve your website’s progress.


Want to know how can your website grow more? In that case, SEMRush will help you the best. You get to know how your website is performing, which are the changes that you have done recently, and what is the scope for further modifications.

It is a marketing SEO tool that has more than one uses. Hence, it is recommended that you join one of the best industrial training in Ambala to learn how to use it for the best results.


Another keyword finder tool that is best in its category is Ubersuggest. It not only helps you find the right keywords but also gives you access to top-ranked SERPs (with keywords used in them). You get long tail as well as short-tail keywords.

The best thing about using Ubersuggest is that you get to know about seasonal trends. Moreover, you even get to see keywords volume. This means you get to know how many people are searching for a particular keyword.


Want to take SEO to another level? For that matter, SpyFu could be one of the best SEO tools you should use. It gives you easy access to competition analysis by giving you a glimpse of the keywords they are using.

Moreover, it helps you identify the number of times a particular keyword has been researched. Therefore, you will learn whether using a particular keyword is going to help you or not.


From website crawling to having keywords recommendations, Moz offers a complete package. The MozBar integrated into the tool gives you access to your website’s metrics. It is free to use. In case you have any questions, the dedicated Moz support team will help you until you are satisfied with the answers.


All the SEO tools mentioned above are easy to use. Moreover, they are free versions that can be upgraded to a paid version. Before you start using any of the tools, it is recommended that you first learn how to use them properly. That is why you should join job training in Ambala to learn their usage from professionals. With them, your online business is going to boom in no time.

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