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As travelers leave, countries and states are experimenting with documents that show proof of COVID-19 vaccination

After a long year under various phases of lockdown to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, borders are closed, travel is restricted, and trips and parties and meals and meetings and events have been canceled. Vaccination is offering the world a possible return to normalcy. As the world waits to achieve herd immunity, governments and businesses are increasingly looking for ways to tell who hasn’t been vaccinated. The discovery has sparked buzz that most governments and media outlets are calling “vaccine passports”.

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Vaccine passports are essentially a verified way of showing that people have received vaccinations,” explains Peter Chin-hong, an infectious disease specialist at the University of California, San Francisco. The passport is a modern twist on the classic vaccine card. Need to travel to certain parts of the world Learn yellow fever or cholera vaccination practice: A vaccine passport will be a digital or paper document indicating that the carrier has received a COVID-19 vaccination or, in some cases, Have antibodies to the virus, or have recently tested negative. People with a passport can travel to certain states and countries, possibly without quarantine or testi


As the world sees, states like Hawaii and New York. And countries including Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, and Australia are already experimenting with some version of the vaccine passport, or they are in the planning stages of doing so, said David, a medical professor at Stanford University. and a medical professor. medical director. Stuart said. . The law professor told the public radio show Take Two. Additionally, 27 EU member states are considering some form of vaccine-certification system to allow for easier cross-border travel in the EU in the form of digital green certificates. While domestic travel has its own app-based monitoring system, China has introduced a digital passport for international travel. Other countries are using vaccine passports to open their doors to tourists. Belize has already said it will welcome vaccinated travelers without testing or quarantining, and Iceland, Georgia, Seychelles, and Lebanon have opened borders to vaccinate US travelers. “It’s a growing number of random countries, but no coordinated effort,” Chin-hong says.


These moves could be a lifeline for the struggling tourism industry, which is estimated to have lost more than $1 trillion due to Covid-19. Tourism and travel have been such a big hit due to the coronavirus that it is no surprise that the airline industry is pushing the idea of ​​a vaccine passport. The International Air Transport Association, which represents 290 airlines worldwide, is already testing its app-based IATA Travel Pass, which stores passport, vaccination, and travel records as well as COVID-19 test results. does. Does. Does. Does. Does. Does. IBM has also introduced a digital health pass, called the Excelsior Pass. It is a blockchain-based app designed to protect privacy while making it easy to flash vaccination records or test results. It is currently being tested by the state of New York and a major rollout is expected soon.

However, vaccine passports are not being offered for travel only. While unrelated, they can be used as a green light for vaccinations to attend concerts or play a favorite team. Israel, the country with the fastest vaccination rollout, has already created a “Green Pass” that gives its vaccinated citizens special privileges and access. “They have opened up some activities for people who have been vaccinated

As more places open up for people with proof of vaccination, health experts expect more people to be vaccinated under the lure of a vaccine passport. This could be an important way for the US to fight vaccine hesitation. According to a recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, thirty percent of all American adults would choose not to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Those numbers could change if vaccine passports open doors and borders.

Vaccinations and vaccine passports may also be mandatory. “We’ve been hearing about workplaces that offer ideas they make mandatory,” says Chin-hong. “And we have some school districts that want to move in that direction.” Of course, the current crop of COVID vaccines is not currently authorized for use in children under 16 but could be as early as September.

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