5 Best Weekend Treks near Bangalore

Quick Facts about Bangalore Trekking Locations

The distance between trekking locations: On the outskirts of Bangalore, there are numerous hiking trails that span between 50 and 300 kilometers.

Is there any danger associated with these trails? Each of the locations we’ve highlighted receives a substantial amount of traffic. As with any other trip, though, you must exercise caution and pay close attention to any warnings issued by local authorities.

Places to Go Trekking Near Bangalore

  1. Kudremukh Trek

Each oenophile’s fantasy is the Kudremukh expedition. The road to Kudremukh is winding, winding through a series of difficult hills and valleys. The ground is usually covered in grass since the hills take the brunt of the rainy season winds. The tucked-in valleys provide sufficient wind protection and have a deep soil profile, resulting in stunted evergreen trees and a peculiar microclimate rich in mosses, orchids, and other species. For trekkers, the expanse of grassland punctuated by small areas of forest provides a breathtaking backdrop. The fresh air, as well as the ascent and descent, stimulate the body while simultaneously relaxing the mind.Visitors will see and study flora, birds, reptiles, reptiles, and butterflies along the way.

When is the best time to visit Kudremukh?

The optimum time to get onto the Kudremukh trek is during the winter and monsoon seasons. The environment here is particularly hot and humid during the summer months, therefore visiting this journey at that time would be a bad idea.

Level of difficultyModerately difficult to extremely difficult
Approx Temperature20 degree – 27degree
Total trekking distance20 – 22 kms approx.
Distance from Bangalore340 kms (one way)
AttractionBeautiful landscape
  1. Savandurga Hill

The Savandurga range, comprising two peaks, Karigudda and Billigudda, is one of India’s most stunning monolithic peaks. Two temples are located at the foot of the hills. The trek leads to a magnificent fort built by Kempe Gowda II, from which a wonderful view of Bangalore’s outskirts may be seen.

You will not become disoriented here, as it is constantly busy with trekkers from all around Bangalore and India. Climbing to the summit is made straightforward by the monolith.

Trek typeTranscendently Granite Rock Trail With Small Forest and Mud Sections
Best time to visitOctober to March
Distance from Bangalore46.6 km
  1. Ramanagara

Ramanagara is a small village located in the state of Karnataka, just outside of Bangalore. Ramanagara offers a variety of short excursions, one of which includes a visit to the Sholay! filming location. These treks are ideal for the weekend because the rise is quite short, unless you opt for a more leisurely pace.

Several of them will be completed in less than an hour. Ramadevara, Yeti Rajagiri, Revana Siddeshwara Hill, and Ramagiri Hill are also popular hiking spots in the vicinity.

Trek typeHandi Gundi trek
Best time to visitOctober – February
well known for its sericulture
Distance from Bangalore47.3 km
  1. Nandi hills

You can ascend the Nandi Hills from either the south or the north side. The northern side has a proper road and is slightly busier due to the presence of bicycles and bicyclists. If you’re up for a serious test, take the southern approach to the summit.

From the top, you may get stunning images of the exterior of Tipu Sultan’s holiday residence. Additionally, the mountain’s peak features a temple. You may even spend the remainder of the day at Nandi Hills, returning later in the evening.

DifficultyThis can be slightly difficult to spot
Trek typeTumkur. The rocky hills are encircled by forest, and the hilltops are covered in moss.
Distance from Bangalore61.1 km
Best time to visitJune through February
Tours include Nandi Hill, Tipu’s Drop, Tipu’s Summertime Residence, Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, and Amrita Sarovar.
  1. Devarayanadurga Hill

Devarayanadurga is an excellent family vacation, particularly between March and April during Buddha Purnima (including a car festival). This is the case since there are three tiers. The trek is rather straightforward and does not need much effort up to the lowest point.

This is the elevation of the Lakshmi-Narasimha Swamy Temple (at higher elevations, the Yoga Narasimha and Bhoga Narasimha temples can be seen). The next level is more challenging, but still achievable.

DifficultyTumkur. The rocky hills are encircled by forest, and the hilltops are covered in moss.
trekking, wonderful climate and scenery.
Best time to visitSeptember to May
Distance from Bangalore73.0 km
Trek typeThe rocky hills are encircled by forest, and the hilltops are covered in moss.

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