Top Challenging Treks to do in Western Ghats

Are you an experienced trekker?  Or are you up for a challenge? If yes this is where you would get a list of treks that are challenging in the western ghats. If you are an experienced trekker this might be a challenge that you can take up. Those who are not experienced can also try taking up the challenge. You would just have to have the physical abilities so you can complete this trek successfully. The western ghats covers a huge area so there are a lot of challenging treks which you can go for. Here is a list of the top challenging treks in the Western Ghats-

  1. Kumara Parvatha Trek –  the location of this trek is in coorg. The Kumara Parvatha peak is considered as one of the highest peaks. This trek passes through the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and it gives you an added advantage of enjoying both the places. It is a two day trek where you can enjoy the feeling of staying in tents and amidst nature. On day 1 you trek till the forest office. The second day is divided in two parts; the first is to reach Shesha Parvatha from the forest office. Once you reach there you then go upwards to the Kumara Parvatha Peak. The best season to visit is after the monsoon till winter. The challenging part is that you have to dodge a few obstacles like the steep and slippery trail, rocks and boulders. Since this is not an easy trek it would be recommended if you prepare yourself before going for this trek.
  1. Salher Salota Fort Trek – The Selbari-Dolbari hills are located next to the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is at almost 300km of distance from Mumbai. Salher fort is the tallest fort in Maharashtra. The Salher and Salota fort are at a very short distance from one another. The things you can expect to see is the pyramid-like look of the Salher hill, from one hill you can have a look of the other fort. There is also a temple at the top of the Salher fort. If you start the trek early in the morning you can have the chance of looking at the sunrise. While descending down you might get a view of the sunset as well. The best time to go for this trek would be from October to January as you will not have to experience the varied temperatures. This is also a two day trek. On the first day you will cover the Salher fort and on day two go to the Salota fort. If you are not into fitness on a daily basis then you will have to train yourself a little before the trek.
  2. Harishchandragad Trek – Harishchandragad is considered as the ‘ pride of Maharashtra’. This trek is located in Malshej Ghat and is at an altitude of about 4800 ft. This trek is considered as one of the most challenging treks and so it would be full of adventure. Something that you can find on this trek is a huge Konkan Kada wall which is in a concave structure. Due to this structure you can get to experience various natural phenomena here. There are times when you get the chance of seeing a circular rainbow. There are three different ways to reach the fort. You can select the route according to your preference. The route of Khireshwar is filled with adventure. This trek is only one day and is divided in three different parts. The route is from Khishwer village to the forest section, then from the forest section to the Tolar Khind and finally to the top. The ideal time for the trek would be from August to February. Since this is a difficult trek you will need to carry trekking gears.
  3. Kalsubai Peak Trek – This trek is again a one day trek and you can visit it anytime of the year. It is at 5400 ft of altitude. This trek is a mixture of fort, fields, forest experience and a waterfall. It is close to Mumbai and Pune. There are narrow iron ladders on the way which makes it interesting. There is a temple at the summit which you can visit. This trek is divided into two sections. The trek starts from the Bari village and continues to the forest section. Later crossing the iron ladders you will be able to reach the summit. Before coming for the trek do a little training so that you can do the trek without a lot of difficulty.

These are some treks that are considered as the top challenging treks in the Western Ghats. If you are up for a challenge like this then go and give it a try. It will be a worthwhile experience you wouldn’t want to miss. 

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