Ramanagara Camping: A First Timers Guide

Ramanagara is indeed a wonderful town which is located on the vicinity of Bangalore city, in the state of Karnataka. The distance to this wonderful town from Bangalore city will be about 50 km to 55 km, depending upon the routes taken. The name Ramanagara is derived from the beautifying Rama-giri hills, and the district name is also eponymous. People can also do camping in Ramanagara multifarious adventure activities.

The camping location in Ramanagara is about 60-65 km from Bangalore city’s airport which depends upon the routes the travelers take, and people can reach it by car or taxi, by which ever means they find it convenient.

Following one can find, the required about their travel guide.

Ramanagara Camping- Guidelines

Guests are barred, to take part in rope and allied activities, and lake activities after the consumption of intoxicants.  

Guests will be having to bear with the penalty of any damage caused to the property on the actions of their behalf.

The camp in no way is responsible for the valuables and belongings of the guests, and relatives.

The consumption of intoxicants, like alcohol and other substance, is strictly prohibited outside the campsite or near the lake, and one’s duration of stay.

People should bring with them, their medical health and life insurance as adventurous activities are very risky in the adventure camp, which could lead to hazard to life. 

Social distancing should be well maintained, and Wearing masks is necessary, and sanitization is also imperative, in the face of Covid19.

At the time of booking, identification proofs such as Aadhar is imperative, but one must know that. PAN cards are not valid address proof for use.

Children who are below 5 years old can join for free, guided under their guardians.

Basic quantitative numbers required is 2 for the booking establishment.

People must  carry the imperative items, with them when camping: water bottles, insect & mosquito repellant, caps and backpacks.

The check-in and check-out timing will depend upon the package selected by the tourists, and one can also call for change in one’s package according to needs.


Day 1

Arriving at the campsite, and doing with the details.

Check-in at 12.00-01.00 p.m. and have a tasty lunch. And from 2.00-2.30 p.m. onwards there is time to do some activities with gusto, in the lake such as rain dance with music, swimming and other enjoyable activities.

Enjoy the tea at 5.00 p.m., with fellow mates.

Gather near the bonfire at 7.007.30 p.m. and enjoy the music.

Done with supper at 8.30-9.00 p.m. and tourist must calm themselves.

Day 2

Start trekking near around, 6.00 a.m. and enjoy the lovely route around here.

Have breakfast around 8.30 a.m. and be ready for some other novel adventurous activities.

Around, 12.30-1.00 p.m. Tourists should check the campsite, and experience the site.

Adventure Activities

People can enjoy formidable amount of activities here like boating, abseiling off the Rocky Mountains, trekking, Kayaking sport, water roller rides, river crossing, rain dance, water zorbing, rock climbing and touching, swimming pool, Burma bridge game, paintball fighting, cricket, football, volleyball, handball, trampoline, tennis and much more.

Packages can include different things, and combinations of many activities which the customers would like to include.

Camping with the breakfast and dinner. Such packages ranges from 2 to 5 days, and beyond that, depending upon the need of the customer.

The price will also encompass the stay and on the accommodation in the tents, which on a sharing basis. Meals, breakfast and dinner will also be included in the packages price list.

The activities which generally includes inside the package are:

Trekking with cave exploration and historical sightseeing.

Lake activities like Kayaking sport and swimming task in the lake with the life jackets, and other supportive care.

Outdoor and indoor games, would include:

Campfire, Archery, paintball game, mud volleyball and Zipline sports

The cost of the package per adult would vacillate depending on the specific requirement, of the customer.

Camping with all the meals, relating breakfast, lunch, dinner(supper)


Such experiences of life, are not recurrent, but they happen on one-time basis, we recommend at Ban Banjara to take this opportunity, and book the package now.

So here is bestowed upon you, all the information about the Ramanagara camping guide for the who would be first-timers. People indeed no doubt would love this camp site because of the adventurous, thrilling and exciting activities that they would experience here.

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