Buying an Engagement Ring: A Quick and Easy Guide

Wearing an engagement ring has a long and colourful history that extends back to the ancient times. Since then, it’s transformed into the beautiful tradition that we know and love today.

Boost the weight of the statement.

The story of your engagement and proposal will be more memorable if your ring has special significance. It’s excellent that custom Engagement Rings in Australia may be made in many different ways. Your grandmother’s jewellery or family heirloom can be resized or reset to fit you better.

Do not be frightened to express your personality.

Making your jewellery in Australia doesn’t necessitate the purchase of a newly mined diamond or a pre-made setting. Consider recycled diamonds and bespoke settings for a one-of-a-kind ring for your loved one. Recycled diamonds are diamonds that have been previously owned and re-entered the diamond supply chain.

A wide range of alternatives are available in Australia, including modern stones and European-style cutting; custom settings are available from several jewellers.


This certificate ensures that you get what you’re paying for (cut quality, colour, clarity, and carat weight). The quoted value of a diamond may not be based on all diamond certifications in Australia. Diamond grading organisations, for example, have a history of exaggerating the quality of their stones. With technology, an unscrupulous diamond dealer may profit from selling low-quality gems while making deceptive claims about their quality. That is why it is extremely important to choose a diamond that is certified by a central agency.

Set up your system in a way that works for you.

From the simple elegance of a solitaire to the intricate detailing of an antique ring, there is a setting for every personality type.

The diamond will not protrude as much in a bezel or flush setting if your fiancee is a busy person or does hands-on work. 

Think about getting a custom design done to get a diamond ring that is truly unique. With customisation, you can get unique settings too.

Make a wise investment in the appropriate metal.

First and foremost, pick a colour that goes well with your date’s style. White gold jewellery is a good choice if your fiance likes silver. White gold is virtually comparable to platinum in appearance, but it costs less to maintain and clean in Australia.

Gold in both 14K and 18K grades is 75% pure gold. Both can be used as jewellery findings since they’ve been alloyed with other metals.

Look for a diamond with the most sparkle.

The ring’s most remarkable eye-catching aspect is the diamond’s radiance, which is referred to as its “brilliance” and “fire” in the industry. Because of the low angle of incidence in the pavilion, you should avoid diamonds that are cut too shallowly. Rather than reflecting your eyes through the table, light exits the edges of a shallow-cut diamond.

Decide on a body type.

When choosing a ring, one of the first considerations that Australians make are the diamond’s cut. To a large extent, the form is a matter of personal preference.

If you’re concerned about how it appears, use a shape that makes you appear more substantial.

The form you choose will impact the aesthetics of your ring. Ensuring that the correct prongs are used to keep a diamond in a heart shape is critical in keeping the diamond’s tip from chipping.

Consider the ensembles she’s chosen.

Always keep your fiance’s taste in mind when you buy Engagement Rings in Australia. Keep her clothing and accessories in mind to understand better what she’s like. The jewellery she wears might give you a decent sense of what ring style she prefers.

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