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Can Slim Fit Chino Pants Maintain That Charm Like Jeans & Formal Pants

Generally, there are two extreme sides of fashion that men follow. Either you will catch them in a suit and tie with polished leather shoes, or you will see them wearing purely casual yet funky outfits. However, there are some clothes which can fall in the middle of formal and casual style. Well, I am talking about slim-fit chino pants. These pants are versatile and surely can maintain the charm like jeans & formal pants. Moreover, it can make you feel nice as you are stepping into a unique piece of clothing. 

Let’s look a bit further – what are they? How do these pants get an unusual name? How to play with men’s chino pants? 

What are Chino Pants?

Chino pants are compared to khaki pants. However, both have different styles and are made of different fabrics. These pants are made up of 100 percent pure cotton twill fabric. Nowadays, the pants are mixed with man-made fabric to add stretchability and durability. 

These pants are highly comfortable, which no other pair of trousers can offer. This is a core reason that men prefer to wear chino pants. Earlier chino pants were worn by U.S. soldiers in the 1800s. With time, pants have become a part of fashion. 

Why Do These Pants Have the Name Chinos?

Chino pants got the name of the origin of the country, China. The pants were woven for the British and French armies in China. In France, it was known as Pantalones chinos. However, now worldwide, it’s called Chinos. 

What is the Difference between Chinos and Formal Trousers?

Formal trousers have a clean look, but chinos will be a bit loose. It actually lies between jeans and formal pants. Moreover, chinos are made with a finer thread. That’s why they are mainly available in softer and lighter shades. However, Perk offers the chinos in various shades, including dark. So, if you are looking for dark yet bold colors, then shop from Perk, a men’s online clothing store. 

How to Style Chino Pants? 

Style 1: Bomber Jacket 

If you are interested in having a tough yet adventure look, then a bomber jacket is a favorable choice. Accessorize the look with cool boots and shades. You will surely get a number of applause from your loved ones.

Style 2: Denim Jacket 

A t-shirt with long sleeves layered with a denim jacket looks fabulous. Plus, paired with chinos pants rather than regular jeans will deliver a distinctive yet fresh appearance. 

Style 3: Crew Neck T-Shirt 

Crew neck t-shirts are quite popular in the men’s fashion world. Moreover, a crew neckline suits every body type. They look more enchanting when paired with chinos. To be sure about this look, you can try out a white shade crew-neck tee and navy blue chinos. 

Style 4: Cotton Blazer 

If you desire an odd and sophisticated dressing, then collect a cotton blazer from your wardrobe and dress up with chinos. Level it up with formal loafers and relish the overall magical look. 

After reading the blog, you may have clear views about chinos! 

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