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How is the boho lifestyle unique?

Boho aka bohemian style is unique in its ways. Every individual is unique from others and has different tastes and preferences. Therefore, some individuals prefer a boho lifestyle. The boho style has got its roots attached to the hippies’ movement. The authentic aesthetics, retro partners, neutrals, and warm shades collaborated with 70s style. It is not just a fashion trend.

Moreover, it is a culture that comes along with complicated history and ideology. The relaxed clothes and elements mishmashes just let your uniqueness ooze out. The boho lifestyle took a new meaning in the 1960s and it’s evolving to the date. The music of the time began to reference the culture, along with the artists like Puccini and Henri Murger became the icons of the bohemian culture. This lifestyle is adopted by many well-known celebrities as well, such as Mary Kate, Ashley Olsen, Kate Moss, and Sienna Miller.

The things that make the boho lifestyle different from others

The boho lifestyle is inspired by the hippie style, which was popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Therefore, there are certain elements you need to keep in mind while looking for boho clothes and accessories to put on. The key elements are as follows:-

Being Natural

Being Boho is all about being all-natural. So, it’s very much essential to induce yourself with natural clothes such as cotton, bamboo, and hemp clothes. The bohemians and hippies believe in sustainable living. Their main motive in life is peace living. Boho people promote a sustainable lifestyle and work to save the planet earth from choking.

Aesthetic Prints

Being aesthetic is in the veins of bohemians. Therefore they prefer to wear something funky, especially which is unique in the crowd and oozes the uniqueness. Some may call it weird but for some, it is the way to connect to art or emotions. It is not everyone’s cup of tea for sure but it is now gaining huge popularity in society lately. 

Boho Bags 

The bohemian people believe in sustainable living and especially believe in peaceful living. The Boho chick or a man feels very incomplete without the bag. The boho clothes do need the cherry on top, especially to ooze the difference from the other lifestyles. Therefore, they prefer to have the bag made up of pure cotton, bamboo, or hemp fiber. Killing animals and using their leather is surely not for the bohemians. 

Natural and chunky Jewellery

The Boho style jewelry is considered to be the hottest and most unique in the current market for sure. Elements like fringes and tassels are used to enhance the overall look of bohemian jewelry. Boho-style jewelry is naturally driven by the nature, without disturbing and killing any animal or creature. This style of jewelry is purely inspired by the earth and universe.  Stones, shells, feathers, metals like copper, brass, etc, and beads are used to make the jewelry more magnificent.

What is the difference between Hippies and Bohemians? 

The Boho lifestyle has its roots attached to the hippies’ movement. Although both the communities and lifestyle have similar thoughts of peace living and sustainable living. Moreover, there is a thin layer of difference between both of these lifestyles. Indeed, the bohemian lifestyle is quite laid back highly expressive, and unconventional. Consequently, the hippies have the same kinda lifestyle. But the bohemians are quite romantic, with the wondered lifestyle. It is very much similar to hippies but it’s not a community that is derived because of the political agenda, unlike the hippy culture. Hippie culture is the outcome of a fight against the law and government. Therefore the boho culture is slightly different from hippie culture.

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