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How To Create a Virtual Art Gallery?

A virtual gallery encompasses more than simply being a website that features artists’ pieces. It can take an array of forms and with evolving technology and consumer trends, there has been much change in the way art is perceived and consumed and how collections are curated. Digital is the future for art and any other creatives.

In the present world of technology, artists should try and embrace the unconventional creative world in the digital space owing to the increased usage of gadgets. This can be a great opportunity to grow sales and reach. A virtual gallery has its perks and gives the artists a platform to showcase their work to a global audience. The art buyers also get to handpick their choice of art pieces from the comfort of their homes. An art gallery is hosted on a virtual art exhibition platform and thereby births a community around it.

Now, to sell art, it is a need to integrate oneself with the digital world. Even auction houses have jumped on the online bandwagon and are profiting from it exponentially. Various art galleries similarly offer websites to display the work of numerous artists. To market and promote their art, artists can try their hands with digital resources and create a virtual art gallery. Listed below are steps to create a virtual art gallery:

1. Select what goes up on the website

While picking the artworks that will go up on the website, those which represent the vision and style of the artist most should be selected. With digital art pieces, there is no worry about differences in perception. Whereas hand-made artworks should be debuted in physical art galleries and shows since they might not have the same impact on the virtual space as an online buyer. But detailed and intriguing shots of these pieces can be displayed on the website.

The title, dimensions, medium used for the artwork, the price, and other important details a buyer requires must be included online so that the buyer can make an informed decision on the virtual expo. Appropriate details of each piece must be there to ensure that buyers can make comparisons and sales are promised.

2. High-quality or high-resolution images

To sell anything online, it is critical to photograph the product immaculately. The artwork needs to be photographed with precision and detail with the right use of lighting and must be well-positioned. Professional photographers can also be hired for the task if suitable. At least two detailed shots of each art piece must be taken for the art gallery on the virtual exhibition platform.

It gets tricky for sculptors as sculptures require a certain background, virtual exhibition platform, white space around edges for aesthetics, and multiple perspectives for a detailed view. If the images are not appealing and aesthetic enough to attract buyers, making profits can get tough. The perfect shots guarantee some thriving sales.

3. Select the virtual expo platform

Every online event platform requires different resolutions and must be hand-picked in an informed manner. The virtual art exhibition platform acts like a social network where one can curate and display artworks, either digital or hand-made pieces.

An art enthusiast, curator, collector, artist, or dealer, everyone can come together on one platform and connect. Existing conventional and commercial art sale channels and patterns as well as location barriers can be overcome in the process. Something as simple as Dreamcast can also be used to create a virtual art gallery!

Certain virtual expo platforms and even virtual medical exhibition platforms allow one to garner a following and build a reputation within the art community. Artists can conveniently upload artwork images and catalogue them and network with other artists on the platform. Interacting with other professionals helps get insights and gain knowledge. Buyers can explore and save their desired choice of art pieces and also discover other trending works and artists.

4. Marketing and promotion

To go ahead with the marketing and promotion strategies for the virtual art gallery, it is significant to establish a marketing budget for the same. Building a website or hosting the art gallery on a virtual art exhibition platform? The choice should be made based on one’s budget and tech-savviness.

Building a website for the art gallery is an expensive task, but has fewer long-term costs. This helps marketing to both collectors and galleries. Once the website is up, a domain fee needs to be paid and then the artwork can go up. Whereas hosting the virtual art gallery on a virtual expo platform is budget-friendly. As long as it’s a respectable service and guarantees to protect the artwork, there is not much hassle.

The last step would be to market the virtual art gallery via social media channels, blogs, vlogs, studio pictures, and email newsletters. Invitations can be sent out to collectors and gallery owners for the event. To build an audience, an effective social media campaign should be in place and frequent content should be curated. In the creative world, social media has immense influence over individuals and is an imperative tool in communicating with an audience and keeping them updated.


With unlimited connections, convenience, and double exposure offered by virtual art galleries, they are a popular choice. Allowing long exposures to the artwork, potential clientele can skim through various options. With no drop-off or pick-up needs or commuting elements, a lot of conveniences are offered. With repeated views, future recognition of the artwork is also promised.

The exciting new development in the art field is online dealers who specialize in digital art formats only. Limited edition digital art pieces can be bought on various virtual platforms and art exhibitions for handheld devices and PCs. A certificate of authenticity is also given after the purchasing process of the artwork. The tool of virtual art galleries is being used more and more by various professionals in the creative field to satisfy their art needs and is a thriving success!

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