How to improve English learning?

Learning English is an essential skill in today’s times. Command and fluency in the language are going to be of utmost importance among kids, hence learning English is becoming a key part of education in India. At Kumon, we give the foremost importance to growing a level of proficiency in this language from a young age. From encouraging reading and grasping the language better to simple tricks such as learning phrases over single words, below mentioned are some tips on how to improve English Learning. 

Ways to improve English learning

In today’s world, most parents want their children to learn English from an early age. They think that English speaking, reading and writing skills will help their kid prosper in a globalised world. In other words, the sooner their children get started, the better.

  • Learning from Audio Books

Listening to audiobooks is a great way to inculcate English speaking and vocabulary skills in your kid’s everyday life. With continuous involvement in interesting stories that capture your child’s attention, he/she can learn various methods and techniques to grasp and speak the language. It is even more attractive than just reading from a book as your kid can enjoy learning the language hands-free with enjoyable stories that will help their imagination run free. 

  • Enrol on English learning classes

English learning classes are among the best ways to teach English to kids from an early age. The courses of English classes are designed to improve grammar, punctuation, reading skills, vocabulary and speaking skills. Kids also benefit from English learning carried out in a quality environment. Learning the language from a reputed English class will allow kids to have fun, socialise, and improve their teamwork skills. 

  • Keeping a diary or journal

Diary or journal writing from an early age can help kids increase their competency in the language as it motivates them to express their daily thoughts and activities in English. As they journal more and more, their accuracy and fluency increase and they get comfortable with the grammar and the correct uses of phrases, which directly impact their English skills. 

  • Select topics that your kids like

One of the most successful ways to encourage your kids to learn English is by picking topics that they are interested in. Inspiring them to communicate their thoughts towards things and topics that they like in English will develop their affinity towards the language and will equip them with the confidence to use the language in their day-to-day interactions. The best way to introduce this in your kid’s life is to devote a particular day where he/she can prepare a short presentation for the family to talk about everything they like but in English. This will introduce a fun spin to an educational activity that kids will surely enjoy and can help them learn English thoroughly. 

  • Watching Videos in English

Watching interactive cartoons, videos, movies and songs in English can help in boosting language fluency. With the availability of a plethora of online resources when it comes to engaging and educational videos for kids, getting better at English and inculcating good command of the language is convenient. The attractive graphics and fun music captures your kid’s attention while learning the language. 

  • Play in English

Kids learn most of the things around them naturally without any adult intervention through playful experimentation and making a lot of mistakes along the way. To help your kid get ahead with English learning, introduce them to different games that require the presence of the language such as scrabble, spelling bee, or any other word and spelling games. Get them to learn English in the similar way they learned their first language. 

Benefits of learning English 

The benefits of learning English are vast and learners can use this language for several purposes. Learning English will help him/her in several ways. 

  • Practising speaking, reading and writing on a regular basis helps kids become more fluent in English. 
  • Having a good command of the language opens up numerous international opportunities for children. English is a global language, so if your kid wants to move to the US, Europe, Australia or the Middle East, knowing English fluently always comes in handy. 
  • Another major benefit of learning English is that children get access to a world-class education. Most of the curriculums of the top universities are constructed in English, hence, they prefer students who are comfortable with the language.
  • Knowing English also helps kids increase their cognitive abilities. Children who know and speak more than one language are proven to have better memory capacity. 

Wrapping It Up

The creative nature of English help kids to be imaginative in all pursuits of life and develops important skills such as sympathy, out-of-the-box thinking, etc. Kumon is among the best platforms for early childhood education providing English and Maths classes for children along with unlocking their potential to become the best of themselves. For more information on English learning, visit our website.

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