Actionable tips to improve site visibility and ranking in 2022

Every website aspires to achieve a prominent ranking on Google. It is especially true in case of business sites. However, due to high competition it can be an uphill task. Some site owners are even ready to buy premium SEO packages at expensive prices that guarantee a top position on Google. The reality however is that it is practically impossible to predict the Google ranking for any website. 

All you need to do is to start with the right fundamentals to improve your ranking potential. You first need to build a strong foundation. Think about how your site looks on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Most visitors decide to click a URL or Uniform Resource Locator based on the brief webpage information displayed on SERPs. In this post, we will guide you on how to optimize the key elements to leave positively influence the visitors and encourage them to visit your site.

Page Titles

In the SERPs results, the first thing that attracts visitors’ attention is the page title. Using the main target keyword or primary keyword in the page title helps you t build an instant rapport with the visitors.  It will also offer your blog an extra mark by making it easier for Google to index it.


Formatting structure plays an important role in making your page easily scannable. So a well-distributed subheading structure with H2, H3 (etc.) tags helps in offering a more cogent structure to your overall webpage or blog post. It thus makes it easier for search engine bots to quickly scan and understand your page. As a result, the bots can easily match your webpage material with the search intent thus allowing you to get the ranking you deserve on relevant SERPs.

Text Material 

In your posts or webpage material, you get a wide room to comfortably distribute the important keywords to make your page SEO friendly. Don’t forget to use the primary keywords in the right places. Using keywords on key portions like the first paragraph, conclusions, subheadings, and bullet points multiply your chances of improving ranking on SERPs. Also, don’t forget to organically use the right keywords in image tags. Makes sure that you don’t stuff the keywords as it can harm your rankings. Using a healthy volume of wisely distributed keywords can offer the best SEO benefits.  


URLs or Uniform Resource Locators are equally important for improving the overall architecture of your blog. As a result, it uncomplicated the navigation process which eventually helps in improving ranking during relevant search instances. Friendly navigation also enhances the overall user experience for your visitors. By making things easier for Google as well as visitors you can expect a constant improvement in your SEO ranking. Especially if you run a blogging site and regularly publish fresh posts, it is important to go for human friendly URLs that offer quick idea about your posts.

Meta description 

Meta description refers to a brief explanation which is displayed just under the page title on SERPs. For that, you need to create a Meta description using the right keyword density along with a meaningful, compelling introduction. Think of it as a compact but wholesome description giving viewers a quick and wholesome overview of your webpage or blog post. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to work with a pixel limit (or approximately word limit) to make sure that the entire meta description is visible right on the SERPs page.

Image Tags

Google is very particular to offering uniform accessibility and almost equal user experience to global users regardless of their limitations like visual limitations. So make sure that you insert all tags for each image you use for your blog posts. An alt text helps the visually impaired audiences to understand the images accompanying your text. Moreover, the alt text also offers a wholesome experience to the users with slow connections. Even if the images don’t load on their browsers, they can get an idea of the image type by looking at the alt text. Alt text also makes it easier for crawlers to crawl your posts which helps in quick indexing and eventually helps you to gain the ranking you deserve.


Improving your visibility during the organic search is the most sustainable way of increasing organic traffic, enhancing your brand value, and strengthening the sales potential of your site. For that, you need to start by working on SERPs visibility. In this post, we mentioned some of the key elements for quick indexing and delivering the right first impression to the visitors prompting them to click the URL.

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