Perfect Bedroom Colours According To The Best Astrologer In UK


According to astrology, colours have a significant impact on controlling the life and career of a person. Thus, according to Vaastu astrology, choosing the perfect colour is essential to enhance peace of mind. The bedroom is the place that is associated with relaxation. Thus your bedroom must be spacious and airy to let in enough light and air. Moreover, you must prefer choosing the perfect colours for your bedroom that will provide your mind with positive vibes. Here are some colours considered ideal according to Vaastu experts and the best astrologer in UK to enhance prosperity and good luck. 

Light Red or Pink 

These colours are associated with love and warmth and can influence your relationship with your partner. Vaastu considered these colours ideal for the master bedroom of your home. If you are married, you can easily choose this colour for your bedroom to strengthen your conjugal bond. Besides, as these colours are associated with vitality and vigour, these can also cut off conflicts in your relationship. 


Orange is associated with fire and ambition and is considered an excellent choice for your bedroom colour if you are a working professional. You can choose a light shade of this colour for the southern wall of your bedroom to attract good fortune in your career. 

Also, it is a colour that represents good health and positivity. If your zodiac represents vigour, it is ideal to refrain from choosing this colour for your bedroom. However, people with a calm temperament can prefer this colour to add vitality to their character. 

Light Green 

The colour green is associated with nature, and a light shade of green is cionside4rd ideal for your bedroom to add positive energy to the environment. You can get more positivity and peace of mind after a long day of work in a bedroom having a light shade of green. The colour is also associated with learning and knowledge. It can be an ideal choice for your children’s bedroom as well. 


White never goes out of tradition, and Vaastu recommends this colour for all zodiacs as this colour signifies serenity and peace. As the colour is associated with harmony, it adds more positivity and a serene atmosphere to your bedroom. It is also considered a soothing colour to reduce negative energy, purify your soul, and positively influence your life. 


The shade of light brown and other earthy shades of brown are associated with stability and can influence your life to become more founded in your decisions. You can easily select any light shade of brown to strengthen your relationship and overall life. The colour is also associated with permanence and thus making you more engaging and dedicated to your motive for achieving success. 


According to Vaastu experts and the best astrologer in UK, a light shade of this colour is considered ideal. The colour purple has an elegant appeal to the interior of your bedroom. Besides, it is also considered to have healing properties. Thus, a bedroom having a light shade of purple can improve your relationship by cherishing love and faith for each other. It also soothes your mind and lowers stress to ensure a good sleep after a hectic and tireless work schedule. 


Yellow is an excellent choice for you to channel happiness, peace and positivity in your home environment. If you have a small bedroom, this colour may be perfect for making your bedroom look more extensive and spacious. Yellow is also associated with optimism, and the best astrologer in London suggest that it can influence your life to find desired success in life. 


According to Vaastu experts, the golden colour is associated with elegance and optimism. It is also associated with royalty and is considered a stunning shade of colour for any bedroom. The colour not only provides an opulent look to the interior, but it also attracts good luck and success in our life, making your life happy and prosperous. 

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Thus, the ideal colour choice for your bedroom is an inevitable part of interior decor. Here we have discussed the most suitable colours according to Vaastu experts. However, if you want to know more about the perfect colours for your bedroom, including the other parts of the home, you can contact the best astrologer in UK to get better guidance.

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