Differences Between Project Management Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, and Construction Engineering

In the field of engineering, terms like structure, infrastructure, and construction are very closely linked together. Construction engineering covers a major part of core subjects like civil and mechanical engineering.  Though they are often grouped together, there is a classic line of difference between infrastructure engineering and construction engineering. Whenever a new venture begins, the infrastructure related to the project requires efficient handling and management. That is why project management engineering is also related to construction engineering. At the same time, a fine distinguishing line exists here as well. So if you are interested in knowing how structure and infrastructure engineering, as well as project management engineering, differs from construction engineering, read on to get a clearer idea. 

What are the key points of difference between infrastructure and construction engineering and management? 

Both of the above-mentioned fields are extremely lucrative options for a career with a scope of growth in the future. However, if you decide to pursue either of the two branches, you should have a proper concept of the type of work that the two streams need. Infrastructure engineering works on a broader spectrum where the engineers are required to take care of every single detail of the construction project. This means not only the actual building process but also the other operations like designing, transportation of the raw materials, storage, and even finances. Structure and infrastructure engineering also deal with the investors and stakeholders along with the legalities of the building project. 

Construction engineering, on the other hand, is primarily focused on the actual construction process. From the foundation to the final coating of paint on the walls— construction engineering takes care of that. Thus, you can say that while infrastructure engineering is the cause, construction engineering is the effect!

What are the key points of difference between project and construction engineering and management? 

Another stream of engineering that is interconnected with the infrastructure and construction industries is project management engineering. However, the differences between construction engineering and management to project engineering and management are quite a few. As the name suggests, project management engineering is basically the detailed management of every aspect of the construction project. The role of the project manager or engineer is to keep the owners and/or the board of directions updated and satisfied with the progress of work by ensuring that everything runs smoothly. A construction engineer actively participates in constructing the building. 

  • Focus: While project management is focused on the managerial work of the entire project, construction engineers are only required during the actual construction.
  • Responsibilities: The list of responsibilities of a project manager includes more items than that of a construction manager. If you pursue project management engineering, you have to be alert and have great observation skills as your work begins from the moment the construction idea is conceived to the ultimate completion of the project. Construction engineers have lesser items on their plate as their work is sectioned. 

Role of Engineer: Project management engineers keep track of all the logistics, the demand and supply, and even the food chain. Their job is to supply the manpower, the tools they will need, and the overall management of the employees. The construction engineers’ job is more serious, but they do not need to attend to these duties.

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