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Top 13 Best Metaverse Projects To Look Out For In 2022-2023

Even two years back, Web 2.0 was the center of attraction. And now, the decentralized version of Web 3.0 is seizing all the attention. 

Similarly, people were crazing over augmented shopping experiences and virtual gaming experiences.

And now, the world is falling its heads over the heels for the metaverse.

The announcements of metaverse projects and innovations are the talk of the town.

The metaverse market worldwide will grow to $61.8 billion by 2022 and a whopping $426.9 billion by 2027. (Globe News Wire)

Hence the metaverse market will grow at a CAGR of 47.2%, which is pretty impressive.

The metaverse is undoubtedly impacting a whirl in the world of advanced technologies. The combination of metaverse, crypto, and NFT will flourish the digital frontier in industries like education, gaming and entertainment, and real estate.

However, most of the time, those who are thrilling over Web 3.0, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and metaverse do not know how these technologies work.

There is no need to bang your head on the wall.

Plenty of great metaverse projects have already blasted off the ground, creating buzz, and many are standing in a queue.

From gaming to education, metaverse initiatives are vying for unaltered attention indeed.

Therefore, with so much going on, it is perhaps worth getting to know the top 10 best metaverse projects to look out for in 2022.

Top 13 Best Metaverse Projects In 2022-2023

  • At present, the metaverse Web 3.0 virtual world boasts 50,000 users worldwide. (Statista)
  • Almost 25% of people worldwide will spend at least an hour a day in the metaverse virtual world by 2026. (Gartner)

These statistics show people’s enthusiasm for present and upcoming metaverse projects in 2022 and beyond.

The global tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Tencent, and Meta are pressing ahead with the innovative metaverse crypto projects.

Let’s closely look at the best metaverse projects 2022 that are shaping the new virtual technology.

1) VulcanVerse

[Vulcanverse Website]

  • VulcanVerse is a blockchain-powered metaverse gaming world.
  • VulcanVerse is a part of the greater virtual NFT ecosystem called Vulcan Forged.
  • VulcanVerse is a world of land sowing and staking.
  • The virtual world of the Greco-Roman backdrop allows gamers to trade their NFTs freely.
  • Users need to use the native PYR token wherever they want.
  • This metaverse project is the brainchild of gamers who have created the metaverse game for other gamers.
  • In the VulcanVerse metaverse world, there are 9918 plots. Each plot is a unique NFT.
  • As gamers progress in the game, they will unlock more building NFT assets.

2) Edverse

[Edverse Website]

We get enough metaverse for gaming, entertainment, social interaction, and shopping.

Now let’s talk about the most purposeful use case of the metaverse. 


The global metaverse in the education market will hit $32.39 Billion by 2028. (Vantage Market Research)

Hence, students can facilitate their learning within a comparatively safe environment of education metaverse world.

  • Edverse is the world’s first and largest education metaverse fostering students’ learning outcomes.
  • All the functions and features of the metaverse space of Edverse revolve around four horsemen: Learners, Educators, Creators, and Promoters.
  • Students can reach out to advanced learning modules and tools in this virtual metaverse space. They can connect with the best educators or institutions.
  • Individual educators or institutions can share their knowledge with aspiring learners through innovative teaching methods.
  • Additionally, users can create, sell, rent, or lease educational assets in the form of “Ed-NFTs” on Edverse.
  • On the other hand, Promoters are owners of land and spaces in this digital metaverse. 
  • Therefore, Edverse offers a metaverse-centric learning ecosystem. As a matter of fact, it enables institutions and learners to overcome teaching and learning hurdles.
  • To summarize, Edverse presents a metaverse-driven new-age learning space nurturing new-generation learning.

3) The HUSLVerse

[The HUSL Website]

  • HUSLVerse is a remarkable, fresh, and unique metaverse world that fits perfectly for music creators.
  • It is Etherium blockchain-fueled music NFT platform that brings artists, musicians, and their followers closer.
  • In the ever-expanding HUSLVerse metaverse world, people can dive into unique music collectibles, music products, and exclusive events.
  • Music creators can upload their latest musical works on HUSLVerse as NFTs and expand their fan following.

4) Decentraland (MANA)

[Decentraland Website]

  • Decentraland refers to a metaverse cosmos of all kinds of social contexts.
  • At present, Decentraland is the largest metaverse crypto project with a market worth of above $5.6 billion.
  • Decentraland Mana is a blank digital canvas for anything imaginable and beyond imagination.
  • This metaverse world is a replica of the real world. However, it feels more exciting than the real world.
  • Once you enter Decentraland, you can check out your favorite brands, indulge yourself in shopping, interact with people, and play games.
  • People can develop innovative business projects and gamble like they do in the real world.
  • The scope of Decentraland metaverse is still growing. It is, in fact, one of the best metaverse projects of 2022 and beyond.

5) The SandBox

[Sandbox Website]

  • Similar to Decentraland, SandBox metaverse prefers authentic virtual content development and gaming.
  • SandBox is standing on the pillars of the Ethereum blockchain.
  • In the SandBox metaverse world, anyone can develop and shape virtual worlds according to their imagination.
  • Moreover, gamers can monetize their gaming experiences on the SandBox platform with its native and exclusive currency, SAND.
  • Until now, people have developed over 70 million unique virtual worlds driven by NFTs in SandBox.
  • Here, each unique world is an individual NFT. Therefore, SandBox holds plenty of scopes for people having a zeal for creativity.

6) HyperVerse

[Hyperverse Website]

  • Right at the point of the horizon where reality ends, the vast metaverse world of HyperVerse begins.
  • HyperVerse is a platform where multiple metaverse worlds can coexist. Here, each world is a planet, and numerous planets incorporate Hyperverse.
  • Hence, Hyperverse is a universe sheltering millions of metaverse worlds.
  • Voyagers (users of HyperVerse) roam around HyperVerse. They can create unique tokens, interact with each other or explore the worlds together.

7) Gala

[Gala Website]

  • Gala is primarily a blockchain-fueled gaming platform.
  • Players can create and use NFTs to buy or sell their gaming assets.
  • At Gala, players can even exchange in-game items for free.
  • Gala consists of blockchain-based social games. So, on this platform, people can interact with each other and explore the Gala gaming world.
  • Gala allows its players to customize their metaverse avatars according to their imaginations.

8) Metahero

[Metahero Website]

  • Metahero brings a fresh and novel metaverse world pivoting around 3D avatars and 3D object scanning.
  • At Metahero, the avatars are the representations of real-world people. They can deal with everything with NFT tokens.
  • This platform allows users to leverage 3D scanning technology.
  • With 3D scanning, users can create virtual NFT versions of real objects.
  • Users can utilize these NFT objects in multiple ways, like gaming, entertainment, teaching, and training.

9) Sensorium Galaxy

[Sensorium Website]

  • Sensorium Galaxy is a popular metaverse project developed by famous artists, media, and producers.
  • Sensorium Galaxy also comprises several metaverse worlds.
  • SENSO is the exclusive cryptocurrency of this metaverse platform.
  • Some of the great offerings of Sensorium Galaxy are,
  • AI-driven metaverse avatars
  • AR and VR functions
  • Advanced digital content and graphics
  • Latest social and gaming mechanics
  • Blockchain-powered monetization Etc.

10) Blocktopia

[Blocktopia Website]

  • Blocktopia brings an innovative metaverse world that people can use for social interaction, teaching and learning, and business purposes.
  • For those who want to make money out of creating authentic content for metaverse, Blocktopia suits the best for them.

11) Highstreet

[Highstreet Website]

  • The metaverse concept in Highstreet is an intriguing one. HTC funds for this metaverse project.
  • Highstreet comes with a hybrid virtual approach. Here, people can shop for their desired items from reputed brands within the metaverse virtual world.
  • Additionally, Highstreet metaverse world links to some of the Shopify sites.
  • HIGH is the native cryptocurrency of this metaverse platform. Users require this token to shop products within the metaverse.

12) Meta Arrow

[MetaArrow Website]

  • Meta Arrow always holds an insatiable desire to present a unique decentralized world to its users.
  • It is a metaverse platform for creators across different niches like fashion, art, music, Etc.
  • The Meta Arrow metaverse project allows artists to make use of resources and promotes prospering partnerships with businesses.

13) Viverse

[Viverse Website]

  • Viverse is an incredible metaverse ecosystem connecting people from all spheres.
  • It offers an open and virtual platform. Consequently, users can connect, explore the metaverse worlds, play, or create business prospects.
  • At Viverse, users’ data regarding their virtual experience, exploration, and transactions are safe and secure.

Bottom Line

Metaverse is no doubt at an early stage. However, metaverse projects are evolving at lightning speed.

The innovation and creative possibilities with metaverse are still unknown and endless.

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