Select a Video Surveillance System for your Business

Video surveillance systems have become a crucial part of many companies’ infrastructure. An additional sense of security is vital as burglary, data and equipment theft increases. The surveillance system assures security and ensures you effortlessly check with employees, clients, and their safety. Data protection is crucial to improving productivity.  

A video surveillance unit installation elevates safety in the workplace so ensure you buy the best unit from a trusted security distributor. As per the reports, the value of the video surveillance market was less than fifty billion dollars in 2020. Experts expect a 10% increase in the future, and they consider that the industry value will be a minimum of eighty billion dollars. It implies that the demand for surveillance systems has been increasing heavily.

Moreover, the rapid advancement of surveillance units ensures exclusive features, and the choices available in the market are overwhelming for buyers. It is not a simple task to scrutinise the available products. Check out some of the critical factors you need to consider while purchasing the video surveillance system for your business.

Camera type and field of view

Camera type is the first thing you have to consider, as the standard systems available in the market are bullet, dome, pan-tilt and thermal cameras. You can choose a suitable surveillance unit by understanding your needs. The field of view is another element you must consider before purchasing the surveillance unit. 

Check the area size you desire to monitor, and that’s the vital attribute in selecting the camera type and resolution. When you are choosing the camera resolution, ensure it is a minimum of 4MP resolution. If you want to get a decent image of people or objects in the video, you need this resolution to zoom in clearly.

Camera location

Though you can set the cameras inside or outside the building, check the location before selecting the camera. If installing a surveillance unit outside the building, ensure that the cameras endure harsh weather conditions and the external environment. 

You can choose the right security distributor and find the camera suitable for any area. Always ensure that the system can endure vibrations without deteriorating the footage quality. 

Motion detection and analysis

Many video surveillance systems come with this feature, and advanced surveillance units incorporate analytics features. From distinguishing people to vehicles and events, analytics is way too helpful. More advanced units will have features that alert you or the police via phone. Basic video surveillance units don’t have such options, and you need to sift through the available options.

Storage space

Having a surveillance system is beneficial in two ways. You can use the unit to monitor inside and outside the commercial building. Secondly, the footage is crucial evidence for any event on the office premises. 

The surveillance camera unit will work around the clock, so you have to choose a unit with high storage space. Buying a high-end video unit with ample storage space will let you store several months of footage, and you can go through the video footage at any time.

You can also buy a surveillance system with cloud storage, and it will be easier to access the footage remotely. The cloud storage space cost might change from one provider to another; so ensure you procure after proper research.  

Wrapping up

Selecting the best video surveillance unit can consume your time as there are numerous options. You can make informed decisions by utilising the above details. Consider your business requirements and invest in a good video surveillance system.

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