Student’s Handibook to Web Development

Do you look at websites and think – Why does one website rank higher and the other struggles?

There is a web developer working behind-the-scenes, looking after every aspect of website development. But that is not all.

You see, web development requires a particular set of skills to create a functional and high-ranking website.

Let us take a look at what web development entails.

Web Development – At A Glance

In simple terms, web development is how a website is built, and displayed on the internet. The entire process takes behind-the-scenes to create a functional website. It includes many aspects like network security, web content development, web design, and database management.

For you to become a web developer, knowledge of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is must. You can learn these by enrolling in a certified web development training in Ambala.

Do you have an idea about what a web developer does? Read further to find out.

The Role of Web Developer

A web developer is a programmer with speciality in development of WWW (World Wide Web) applications. These applications typically run on protocols like HTTP from Web Server to a client browser using JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and PHP.

In simple words, as a web developer you use many programming tools and write codes to “tell” a website what to do and how to function. You are the director and scriptwriter of the movie.

Do you know about the different types of web developers? Keep reading to find out.

Types of Web Developers

Given below are 4 types of web developer profiles you can choose from:

1. Back End Developer

They create the website structure, write code, and ensure the code works. As a back-end developer you have to manage access points for others to manage the website content.

2. Front End Developer

As a front-end developer you have to work on the visual part of website. This is what the online user sees and interacts with. You have to design the physical layout of every website, integrate graphics, and use HTML and JavaScript to improve the site.

3. Full Stack Developer

You have to work on the back and front end of the website. As a full stack developer you carry total knowledge of website development. Join the web development course in Ambala to become a full stack developer.

4. Webmasters

As a webmaster you are the website manager. Your main responsibility is to update the website and make sure each page and link are functional.

Are you ready to become a web developer? Sign up for a registered web development training. Joining the Web development course in Ambala does comes with a lot of benefits.

Benefits of Learning Web Development

Given below are 4 major benefits of taking up the mantle of a web developer.

1. Most Sought-After Career

Web development has slowly become the most in-demand job in the world right now. Due to the today’s fast technology every business has an online profile. Whether it is a school, mall or hospital everyone has a website to maintain.

The web development training in Ambala equips you with the skills to take care of business’s online reputation. There is no shortage of websites you can develop and maintain.

2. High-Paying Job

Salary might not be so important for everyone but it is a deciding factor in choosing a job. Web developer’s are not easy to find. The web development training prepares you for a career that is not just future-proof but also pays well. It is a win-win situation.

3. Be Your Own Boss

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting every business around the world, freelancing is the next big game. The Web development course in Ambala offers you a chance to work without having to answer to a BOSS. 

You have the option to look for clients as a freelance web developer, fix the worktimings and earn the salary you want. In other words, no more having to answer to a manager. Be your own boss.

4. Unleashes Creativity

Designing is a major part of web developer’s career. Creativity is a vital skill you should possess as a website developer. Being a part of web developmen training gives you the freedom to share your opinion and ideas with the business owners. It is a part of your growth as a professional.


To become a web developer is to take up a big responsibility for a business’s online success. You should enroll in the web development training in Ambala to learn this skill.

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