Tips Your Movers in Albert Park

Tips Your Movers in Albert Park Want You To Know

Moving is a complicated process and demands you to be prepared. Sorting your belongings, packing them and then moving them is time-consuming and a matter of the right process. Although choosing the right movers will make your move easier, they will pack and move your things without the stress! Also, apart from finding the right movers, following a few tips will simplify your moving process. 

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Movers in Albert Park

There are a few things you can do to make your move easier, and here are a few tips your movers will want you to do and know: 

  • Plan Well 

Before you bring movers into the picture, you should plan your move. Many variables need to be set right when you relocate. Think of things like setting a date for your move, selecting the date you will arrive at the new location, the storage for your belongings and the payment for their service. 

Planning does not only include planning what time, day and location, but also preparing your space before the movers arrive. For example, you should disassemble your beds, dismount mirrors, and unplug all of your appliances before the moving crew arrives. Doing so prepares your space for a move, and also allows the team of movers to quickly pack everything. 

  • Careful with Essentials 

You can trust your belongings with your movers. While that is true, the “essentials” should be transported safely. Furthermore, some should only be transported by you. Essentials include things such as your identification documents, important paperwork, bank documents, wallets and jewellery. These belongings should be transported by you because it will put you at ease and reduce the risk of losing them.

  • Be Helpful

Although your movers will take care of everything, it is always a great idea to help them. You do not have to pick things up and put them in the truck, but ensuring that everything is ready for them is a good way to help. Additionally, being as transparent and sure of what needs to be done will also be helpful for the moving crew. Lastly, being available for your movers when they contact you for information is a great way to help them pack and move your stuff. 

  • Prep Your Furniture 

Before your movers show up, make sure that your furniture is sorted. The furniture you want to transport should be covered with a sheet and the ones you are not taking should be separated from the ones you’re taking. And no, you do not need to hire separate furniture removalists in Melbourne, your moving crew will do it for you! 

Apart from the points above, you should consider keeping the following in mind too: 

  1. Before your movers come in, make sure that you have checked your space. Have a quick look to know what is where and if everything is ready for them. Inspect your drawers and storage cabinets to see if you left something behind.
  2. Label your things properly. If you’ve packed a few things yourself, don’t forget to label those boxes. Labels help the movers know what is in the box and how to transport it. 
  3. Always have the money for the service ready. The movers will want to get paid the moment they finish the transport. Whether you pay in cash or transfer, be ready to send it right across. 

Finding the Right Movers in Albert Park: What to Look For? 

Here is how to find a moving company that helps you move and does it smoothly for you: 

  • Research and Referrals

Start by looking up the closest moving companies, this will make your move faster and easier. Your moving company can come by easily. You can find a moving company by researching the internet or asking for referrals from your friends, family and acquaintances. 

  • Check Credentials 

Ask your removalists if they are insured and have the relevant certifications. Although there is no requirement for specific licenses for your moving company to have in Australia, a mover with a Certificate III in Transport and Distribution (Operations) or a Certificate III in Furniture Removal Operations from a registered training organisation is always a good sign. 

  • Inventory 

When you’re hiring a mover, keep two things in mind about inventory: 

  • The Moving Company’s Fleet: The moving company should have trucks of different sizes to accommodate any kind of move. 
  • Taking Inventory: Your moving company should take inventory of the things they pack and move. Doing so ensures the movers keep track of your belongings as they are transported.

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