Top 10 amazing camping sites near Mumbai

Mumbai dream city can be a little crowded at times because of the traffic and polluted air. With fast-paced traffic and an endless crowd of people strolling the streets, your soul is longing for a moment of peace in a tranquil location. A peaceful camping trip in Mumbai but on the contrary is precisely what you’ll require to recover from a long day of city life.

  • Bhandardara camping- Bhandardara close to Igatpuri is a preferred spot for large numbers of tourists and campers seeking a break from the city’s noise and pollution. Bhandardara Lake is a well-known camping area close to Mumbai. It’s also possible to join with others camping on an everyday camping excursion. Bhandardara is a favorite location for those wanting to camp and look at the stars near Mumbai. It’s an amazing experience to be in Bhandardara’s tranquil setting.
  • Kundalika camping rafting – Kundalika Camp for rafting is widely regarded as one of the best spots to kayak in Maharashtra. Only a couple of hours away from Mumbai will take you to some of the most sought-after locations in the world for stargazing and camping. It’s a popular campsite for campers and thrill seeking. The scenery is stunning with trees and greenery all around. It is also possible to hear the Kundalika stream flowing through the night, as you take in the stars with barbecue and a fire in the open. Anyone who wishes to be free of the pressures of life is guaranteed to be impressed by the adventure.
  • Igatpuri camp-Igatpuri hides a treasure located in Igatpuri camp. The camp, located in the Western Ghats and is a wonderful camping area close to Mumbai. If you are looking for a peaceful weekend free from Mumbai I recommend that you go to Igatpuri to camp out and take in the stargazing close to Mumbai. There are several camping areas close to Igatpuri Lake in Igatpuri that are perfect for camping and stargazing near Mumbai. You can bring food, or make plans to eat a meal as there are several restaurants in the vicinity. If you choose to stay in Igatpuri you can expect tranquil sunsets and night with stellar stars. Igatpuri is among the most popular places to camp and go stargazing in Mumbai.
  • Kolad fishing- camping and fishing rafting and camping are two of the most popular activities to enjoy at Kolad. The trip to Kolad is among adventure enthusiasts who enjoy their weekends on days in the event that they can’t make a long journey. Kolad is a well-known camping area close to Mumbai. Should you head to Kolad you can gaze into the night sky while camping near Mumbai. The majority of tourists arrive one day before the river rafting experience to stay in the forest and enjoy the joy of stargazing in close proximity to Mumbai. Since Mumbai isn’t the only city in the world to enjoy the pleasure of seeing the night sky brimming with stars and stargazing, camping near Mumbai is a memorable experience. There is also the possibility of experiencing simple pleasures while on a camping adventure to Kolad.
  • Prabalmachi Camping – Are you a lover of hiking and want to learn what you can about Sahyadri region of Maharashtra Do you want to visit Prabalgad Fort in Maharashtra. It’s a moderate-level hike which is an absolute blast for those who love to trek. If you go up, you’ll be able to admire the stunning blooms. Prabalmachi is also known as a popular camping destination. When you’re out for a hike, it’s normal for hikers to take a trip to the surrounding area of Prabalmachi. In case you’re in the area , it is possible to to hike to Kalavantin Durg it is an easy day hike. Kalavantin Durg, which was previously referred to as an old watchtower, is an arduous, but simple climb. It’s among the top camping spots to view the stars from within Mumbai.
  • Vasind Riverside Camping: This serene place for a peaceful camping trip is close to the metropolis. Riverside camping experience near Vasind is one of the most sought-after places to camp in Mumbai. You can take the jeep from Vasind Railway Station to the Bhatsai riverfront. It is suggested that you arrive before 4 p.m. to have the chance to see the sunset and to set your tents up. Set up a tent with a fire to enjoy an enjoyable evening by one of the shores of the River at Vasind. The atmosphere is serene and soothes the soul.
  • Hariishchhandragad camping and trekking-Harishchandragad located at Malshej Ghat is another fantastic camping location near Mumbai. The breathtaking hilltop located in Malshej Ghat is one of the best camping spots in Mumbai. With your friends you can hike to the top of Harishchandragad and then set camp in the shade. The camp is situated in the valley, and has stunning views. Bring out your camera to begin taking photos while you relax and have a wonderful BBQ gathering. It is also possible to have a chat with friends who don’t live in your camp.
  • Panchgani campsite-Panchgani is known for its five mountains. It is a stunning spot to camp near Mumbai. This charming village situated within the Sahyadri Hills is ideal for an unwinding camping experience. Numerous night-time excursions and bonfires are available at Panchgani. It is in Panchgani where you can sign up for camping , and stargazing begins at midnight. Make sure to wear a sweater since it is extremely cold in the hill stations. It’s one of the most popular camping destinations in Mumbai that you’ll love.
  • Karnala camp-outs: Karnala’s serene camping space is only an hour and a half distance from Mumbai. This Mumbai camp is extremely well-liked by campers as it is located near popular Karnala Bird Sanctuary along with the Fort. A lot of campers opt to drive in the southern part in Mumbai and Pune in order to spend the night in Karnala. This area provides an abundance of peace and peace. In the time of the monsoon, the area is brought to life with a variety of fascinating sounds.
  • Pawana Lake camping-Pawna Lake is one of the most popular camping destinations near Mumbai. The crystal clear lake has drawn a large number of youngsters and tourists who are looking to spend a relaxing time. Pawna Lake, which is located close to Mumbai in the city of Mumbai and Pune is a fantastic camping location. It’s a favorite camping spot every weekend for campers to get away from the bustle and relax in the breathtaking surroundings around Pawna Lake. In the lake, you can cook your food or sit on the fire playing games, looking at the night sky, as well as other things to do while camping can be found in this area.

If you are planning a trip to Rajasthan then Jaisalmer camping is also a nice option. 

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