Top 5 Amazing online activities for office

With social distancing guiding our personal and business interactions these days, and many companies shifting from a traditional office setting to a work-home-to-home model, online activities for office are the perfect solution to keep a team connected and invested.

It’s easier than you think to involve your remote team in an era of socially distant conversations. With a little creativity and the help of the Internet, the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re looking for fun ice breaker online activities for office, these are the best activities for your remote employees. 

Here are some best online activities for office

Ice Breaker

A series of questions you need to know about getting started with your online activities games is always an easy option. Get inspiration from this list of fascinating virtual icebreakers, and choose from fun, thoughtful, or short and quick questions. And don’t forget, an ice breaker can also be a fun online group game. 

Two Truths and a Lie

A classic party game that has been made virtual through video conferencing, team members go round-robin stating three interesting facts about themselves, one of which is wrong. Other members do their best, to tell the truth from fiction. It’s great to get to know your peers on a more social level as well as relieve stress.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Just like we loved in childhood! In a virtual scavenger hunt, team members are given a list of items to find around their home or their workspace. The items may be generic (an office supply, something to drink) or specific (a wine glass, a kind of kitchenware filled with salt). Add quirky details to a fun challenge (something that keeps an eye on it, an item in your favorite color). Hunters share their treasures in an online video chat, deciding with their peers if some of the more suspicious objects fit the bill!

Can You Hear Me Now?

A fun twist on PEDIA, this online activities game encourages interdependence and collaboration. The team members are divided into groups of two. One is named the descriptor, the other the artist. In a round of three minutes, the descriptor is tasked with explaining to the artist how to draw an object (such as a car) using only ordinary shapes. And basic geometry (make a rectangle with two circles on the bottom, etc.). The image is shared with other members of the team via video or email. Who in turn guess what the completed image is. The descriptor gets a point for each correct estimate, and each artist gets a point for their correct estimates as well. This is a great online group game to inspire the inner artists of your team!

Photo of Your Life Challenge

For this fun virtual game, each member of the team is tasked with summing up their life in an image taken on their phone. It could be a place, a landmark, a favorite item, a chosen hobby, or a beloved pet. The image is then shared with the rest of the team with the importance of the image. And the explanation of the story behind the story. This online activity for office is a thoughtful way to present a more personal side to team members who don’t know much about each other. And a fun way to make their personal technology work for a professional purpose.


To sum up, we have discussed the online activities for office in the above blog. These online activities not only help you to engage your team but also lead to business growth. Remember that a company that has happy employees is successful. So, try to help, support, and respect your remote employees.

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