All About University Canada West Admissions 2022

University Canada West Admissions 2022 – Requirements and Fee Details

Requirements and Fee Details

The University of Canada West (UCW) is located in downtown Vancouver. It is a private university founded in 2004 and claims to be a modern independent university. It offers a range of career-oriented programs designed to meet the needs of the market so that students always receive up-to-date information. Every UCW faculty member joins the university because of their passion for teaching and their desire to make a difference in student life. If you are planning in UCW you should know about university Canada west admissions 2022 and requirements and Fee Details.

In this way, the university keeps students at the forefront of everything it does with their best interests. It has a student-to-teacher ratio of 10: 1 with an average grade of 21, so that students enjoy high levels of communication with classmates and the attention of one-on-one professors. As of January 2021, it reported that the ever-growing faculty had 30 staff, 103 support staff and 151 session faculty with industrial experience.

Courses offered

What courses are available for international students?

UCW offers a limited number of applications in the commercial sector only. It offers a Bachelor of Business, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, and an Associate of Arts at the undergraduate level. For graduate students it has only two programs, ¾ the full MBA program and the MBA Foundation. Graduate students may choose a combined course, which is a combination of courses on campus and online. Currently, the university offers the following programs online with the opportunity to complete this on campus in subsequent years:

  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication
  • MBA

The MBA-ACCA path

The full MBA program at UCW is accredited by ACCA and is specifically designed for ACCA students, ACCA affiliates and members who want to supplement their knowledge of accounting and finance with a global business degree. UCW allows students to complete all of the remaining ACCA exams along with an MBA degree, allowing students to enter the workplace with two internationally recognized majors.

There are three interesting ways:

  • ACCA Student Way
  • ACCA Partner Road / Membership
  • Postgraduate path

University Access Program (UAP)

Accredited by Languages ​​Canada, UAP prepares enrolled students to study abroad higher education at an English-language institution such as UCW. Students who do not meet the minimum English language requirements for admission to undergraduate, Associate of Arts, or MBA programs must pass this program to improve their English language skills and qualify for admission to a University of Canada West degree.

To learn more about UCW courses, the road program and UAP read the brochures here.

Requirements and required documents

What are the compliance requirements?

For undergraduate programs, eligibility requirements are:

  • Canadian High School Diploma (grade 12) or equivalent with a grade point average of C or better (2.0 in Table 4.33) and
  • IELTS: A total score of 6.5 or better with a minimum score of 6.0 in written documents or English equivalents, such as:

English Proficiency Tests and Minimum Score Required


  • Overall 88 with at least 20 in each component


  • Overall 61 with at least 60 in Writing

Duolingo (DET)

  • 110


  • 176

Requirements and Fee Details

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