Where can I find a ruby on rails developer?

Looking to hire ruby on rails developers? If you want to develop your online presence using one of the most popular web application frameworks, you’ll need to find ruby on rails developers that are experienced in this area and can complete the job quickly and efficiently. The good news is that Ruby on Rails developers are in high demand, so with the right resources, you should be able to find someone who meets your needs. Here are some places to start your search

Hiring an Independent Contractor

While it may be tempting to hire a full-time employee to complete your project, it may not be worth your while. Full-time employees usually require benefits and significant payments for taxes. Independent contractors will work for less, but you’ll need to file additional tax paperwork at year’s end. If you don’t have substantial experience hiring independent contractors, consider using an agency that specializes in hiring out independent talent. Freelancer and Elance are great places to start looking. Both allow independent talent to bid on jobs; Freelancer takes around 15 percent of what workers earn, while Elance only takes 10 percent from employers (freelancers pay fees starting at 5 percent).
In addition to keeping costs down, working with an agency also gives you a little bit of extra protection—the company has a reputation for vetting its contractors.

Hiring Part-Time Developers

Are you looking for a part-time developer to join your team, but aren’t sure where to start? That’s okay. Hiring someone part-time is different than hiring full-time; you need to be willing to spend time and resources actively finding good candidates. Here are four tips for hiring ror developers. (By sticking with remote hiring or hiring a freelance agency you might avoid some of these pitfalls.) There’s no one right way to go about hiring ror developers—and it all depends on your budget and timelines—but if you work through these steps, chances are you’ll be able to choose from multiple qualified applicants who all want to work with you:
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Marketplaces for Finding Freelancers

The first step to finding a freelancer to build your application is to research, research, and then research some more. If you’re just getting started, that means doing extensive Google searches—combining phrases like ruby on rails with your location. But if you’re looking for more experienced help—say, someone who has worked with other companies in your industry—the search won’t be as simple. At least not at first. You’ll want to start by checking out online marketplaces like these:

Online Forums

When you’re trying to hire remote freelancers, online forums are an invaluable resource. In addition to being able to browse through portfolios and read reviews of past work, you can get to know someone before making an official hiring decision. A forum is also a great place for both parties to ask questions and make sure they’re comfortable with one another before committing.

Ruby on Rails Job Sites

You’ll want to consider using freelancing sites like Elance and oDesk, which match freelance developers with potential employers. If you need someone who knows Ruby on Rails or another specific framework or coding language, you might have better luck searching through niche job boards. The two main sites for finding Rails talent are We Work Remotely and Github Jobs.

Building Networks in Person

The world of programming is in love with technology. Cloud computing, e-books, and social media are quickly replacing traditional office culture. The downside to this is that it’s harder than ever to network face-to-face with people in your industry, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you aren’t left behind. Attending conferences and joining professional groups is an easy way to meet other developers working in Ruby on Rails—and it may even lead to your next big client!

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