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Yogic Breathing Techniques to Get Rid of Stress & Anxiety

Our fast-paced life and late working hours are the reason behind many health problems. Be it stress or anxiety living healthy has become a major challenge.

Stress and anxiety are the leading causes behind many health problems. But you can take care of both by making yoga the part of your daily life. There are some powerful yoga techniques to help you get rid of these.

Yoga Breathing to Handle Anxiety & Stress

Getting rid of stress and anxiety once and for all is not a cakewalk. But, you can learn how to respond to both. The most simple way for you to handle stress and anxiety is by focusing on the breath.

Ever heard of Pranayama? It is the yogic technique of deep breathing. Although many think of Pranayama as nothing more than breathing it goes a lot deeper than that.

That said, given below are some of the best yogic breathing exercises to beat stress and anxiety.

1. Breath Awareness

Breath Awareness is the simple yogic technique of observing your breath. Too much stress or anxiety makes you forget to breath. This stress relieving yoga technique is the best way for you to check in with your breathing. The simple act of noticing your breath helps it shift and calm down.

2. Full Complete Breath

Feelings of urgency, tension, and uncertainty also lead to stress and anxiety. This causes your breath to become shallow and stuck in the upper chest. Your belly pulls in on inhale and goes out with exhale. But, this breathing amplifies stress and anxiety which is not a good thing.

During the Full Complete Breath your belly expands on inhale and pulls in on exhale. This help your diaphragm and lungs to expand more and let more oxygen into your body. Join a certified yoga school to learn this breathing technique under yoga experts.

3. Alternate Nostril Breathing

This is the best stress relieving yoga breathing technique to calm down your nervous system. It is one of the best yogic breathing to calm down your entire body. You practice it by alternating between the left and right nostril. This cleanses the energy pathways running through your subtle body.

4. Square Breathing

Called Box Breathing, Square breathing divides every round of breath into four parts. It is same as drawing a square. This is a powerful yogic breathing technique to calm your mind and handle anxiety.

5. Uneven Breathing

The uneven breathing technique requires you to practice a longer exhale than inhale. Lengthening the exhale activates your body’s relaxation response. This also helps your nervous system enter into a more “rest and relax” mode. The RYT certification helps you learn and practice this breathing technique.

6. Belly Breathing

Belly breathing focuses mainly on expanding and contracting your belly. This Pranayama technique makes you more calm and grounded. It is also the best yogic breathing technique to live with less stress and more happiness.

That is not all! Yoga experts have come up with a set of tips. These help magnify the benefits of Pranayama techniques above.

Tips to Maximize Pranayama Benefits

  • Practice these yogic breathing techniques in a well-ventilated place.
  • Avoid the flow of strong air in the vicinity when practicing Pranayama.
  • Avoid sitting in a room that has distractions. These can be bright colors, strong odors or loud sounds.
  • Never place fragrant flowers in the place where you practice these stress relieving yoga techniques.
  • Best time to do Pranayama is during early morning.
  • Keep your stomach empty before starting the practice.
  • Wear light and comfortable clothes for easy movement of chest and abdomen.
  • Avoid smoking at least an hour before starting Pranayama.
  • Keep your nasal passages clean to intensify the benefits of Pranayama.
  • If you suffer from asthma or heart problems then do not hold your breath during Pranayama.

Yogic breathing helps you breathe consciously and strengthens the respiratory system. Make sure you learn this from experienced yoga teachers.


Pranayama is a powerful yogic technique to clear your mind and body of all toxins. This stress relieving yoga helps you keep anxiety and stress away for good.

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