Character Recognition App – Playing An Important Role In Image To Text Conversion

With the introduction of new character recognition applications, the amount of written work from sources of media can be minimized. The implementation of OCR technology in the latest mobile phone devices is efficient enough. To convert images into text on the go. From day-to-day users to multinational corporations everyone is using the OCR applications. To intelligently extract data from signs, billboards, images, and other pieces of media. 

The OCR technology with continuous improvements and upgrades has evolved into the ICR technology. ICR is being implement in multiple firms around the world with businesses. And organizations relying heavily upon it, not in terms of only text conversion. But for the purpose of verification and security of the data.

OCR Technology

The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology was introduce back in the days. When no one imagine the success of this technology to a level that. It would become a necessity for modern-day organizations. Pioneer in the 1900s, optical character recognition technology uses. The new algorithms of today’s world to detect and extract text from documents and images. The main concern of OCR systems is to convert the extract data into a machine-readable format. That can be edit and modify via a computer. The converted text has multiple uses as it is a fast solution to all the text writing problems. With so many uses, the industries are investing in the OCR systems as the market size is predict to reach over 12 billion US dollars by 2025.

The Evolution Of OCR

With the new technologies on board, OCR technology is getting more intelligent with time. The use of artificial intelligence has created new possibilities in the process of the image to text conversion. The combination of OCR and AI develop a completely new and more efficient solution known as the ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technology. With the use of technologies like AI, tests show the accuracy rate of ICR conversion hitting an unpredictable 97 percent. The ICR technology is mainly self-driven. It learns from itself by analyzing and processing multiple pieces of input that are mainly images. One of the major advantages of ICR over OCR is the conversion of handwritten text into a machine-readable format. Identifying the handwriting patterns is a major ability of ICR systems. It is now being implement on mobiles as an ICR mobile app after the successful testing of the ICR apps online.

Optical Character System

The optical character system is compose of several processes which efficiently convert pictorial data into textual data. The number of processes uses computer resources for the completion of the procedure. The new smartphones of the modern world are well power to handle the OCR application systems, The optical character recognition process is as follows:

User Input

The first step of every OCR application is to get the user input for the image to be convert into text. The user inputs the picture by using their built-in mobile camera. The captur images are then submit to the OCR application for further processing and evaluation. Some OCR systems are program to read the image directly from the application to detect and process the image. Also, undoubtedly document verification using AI technology is an excellent solution to identify fake documents and stop identity fraud.

Image Validation

The OCR systems are being use for different purposes: the applications that are built for user security validate the image by processing multiple checks of validation on the image to verify the correctness and eliminate any risks of forgery or manipulation of the image. The validation process in the less sensitive mobile applications is the verification of correct file submission to the system, this check is implemented to catch the attackers who upload infect files into the system to slow down the process of recognition.

Extracting Text

The next step is the core step of the OCR system in which it extracts the text from the user input. The user input is process to check the type of data in it, it can be plain text, graphical text data, or any other data. The system processes multiple fonts and styles of the document to extract the correct characters. The extract characters are then convert into machine-readable code which further converts the code into digital text data. This whole process is so fast that it only takes a matter of seconds.

Wrapping It Up

With so many uses of the OCR apps across different industries, the technology is being develop further with more improvements coming every day. The successful implementation of the ICR system is proof that text recognition is the future of technology. Even mobile phones are getting their OCR updates to process images on the go.

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