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Cost of Study MBBS in China

Study MBBS in China

Chinese medical colleges and universities are all endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Indian Medical Council (MCI), and the Chinese Ministry of Education (ME). International students do not need to learn Chinese to understand their courses but can choose courses that are taught in English. The cost of study MBBS in China 2022 is also reasonable. So, you can easily take admission. Students who have completed their medical courses from Chinese universities are eligible to attend USMLE, MCI Screening as well as the UK PLB.

Top Benefits of Study MBBS in China

Here Are Some of the Top Advantages of Study MBBS in China:

  1. Mbbs in China are much more affordable than in European countries as well as the US, Korea, and Japan.
  2. Students have the opportunity to work or intern in some of the best multinational companies in the world within the country
  3. There are many job opportunities
  4. Universities here are world-class and efforts are being made to improve the higher education sector, making it the best place to study.
  5. Degrees and specialties obtained from Chinese universities are recognized by all developed countries.
  6. Food is never an issue here, as Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular in the world
  7. Its multidisciplinary culture makes it easy for foreign students to adapt to China
  8. The locals are friendly and accustomed to living in harmony with people of different faiths.
  9. China is undoubtedly a beautiful country with great opportunities for travel and breathtaking scenery.
  10. Climatic conditions vary because the country’s vast land area is vast, and therefore students have the opportunity to choose the climate that is most comfortable for them when applying to university.
  11. It provides ample space for travel and relaxation
  12. Learning Chinese, this language can also be useful as the center of world trade moves to the East and this will be a valuable skill in your future life.

Study MBBS in China in Comparison to Other Countries

Here are some comparisons between study MBBS in China:

1. Mbbs in China is undoubtedly among the two most influential and advanced countries in the world, after the United States. The economy here is much more stable than that of Russia, Ukraine, or the Philippines.

2. Thus, life here is much more comfortable and there are more job opportunities.

3. Tuition and the cost of living for MBBS courses in China is about half of MBBS in Europe, Russia, the Philippines or Ukraine. Average annual tuition fee for MBBS

4. Mbbs rates in China are approximately INR 2.25 Lacs.

5. MBBS students from China who are present for the MCI screening test are more successful than students from other countries.

Admission Procedure for MBBS in China

Here are listed the admission process for MBBS in China:

  1. Fill out the application form on the university website or get help from our consultants
  2. The application is sent to the Admissions Office for international students for consideration
  3. Upon acceptance of the application, students must pay the entrance fee, administrative expenses and processing.
  4. Also, then receive a letter of acceptance from the university when the student must present a copy of his / her passport.
  5. So, a copy of the passport will then be sent to the Chinese embassy for the JWO2 form, which is important for the issuance of a student visa.
  6. Upon receipt of the application, the student must apply for a visa at the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate in his / her country.
  7. The student will be notified of the date of the visa
  8. University officials and our representatives welcome the student at the Chinese airport. Also, support him until he finds a suitable place and settles down.

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