Enabling Fastlane Technology on Your Netgear Range Extender

Do you want to further increase the speed of your WiFi range extender network? Well, the easiest way is to enable the Fastlane technology on your Netgear range extender. However, that is not an easy task for novice minds. It could be tricky and intimidating. Worry not! By going through the following points, you can easily connect to Netgear_ext and enjoy a superfast internet connection.

So, without wasting more time, let’s read the following points. Make sure you don’t miss out on even a single point. Otherwise, you might end up in undesirable situations. Keep reading.

How to Enable Fastlane Technology on Range Extender

Set Netgear Extender

Plug the Netgear extender into a wall socket. It should be in sound condition to ensure the extender gets a consistent power supply. The antennas should be connected to the extender (if any). You should have a physical inspection of the range extender so that it works the best.

Extender Placement

Before enabling the Fastlane technology, you should place the Netgear extender. Hence, you should first choose the central location to place the Netgear extender. Furthermore, be wary of the objects surrounding the Netgear extender.

Furthermore, you should avoid the windows while placing the range extender. Also, choose the appropriate height to place the extender.

Connect to Router

The router and extender should be connected. For a stronger and more consistent network, you should use an Ethernet cable. Moreover, the Ethernet cable should fit tightly to the extender and router ports. Apart from it, you should connect the router and the extender wirelessly.

The distance between the extender and router should be minimal while forming the wireless connection.

Turn on Computer

Connect your computer to an electric source. Press the power button and turn on your system. Furthermore, it should get consistent power during the whole process. The operating system of your computer or laptop should be up to date.

Open Web Browser

After the computer is on, you should open a web browser. However, you should only use an updated web browser. Moreover, it should also be compatible with the operating system of your computer. Once the web browser is ready, you should enter mywifiext web address.

However, while entering the address, you should not commit any mistakes. Press the Enter key after you are done entering the web address. The web address should be entered in the address bar only.

Log in to Range Extender

Do the Netgear range extender login. For that, keep your login details ready by your side. You should use the default login details in case you are doing it for the first time. For that, you can always refer to the user manual you received with the range extender.

While entering the login details, you should be careful that there are no mistakes. You should avoid typing errors to log into your range extender.

Open Advanced Settings

Open the Advanced settings on the extender dashboard. From there, you need to move on to the Operating System option. Choose the Enable Fastlane Technology checkbox located on the dashboard. However, there are two options available at your disposal while choosing this feature.

Choose Fastlane Technology

  • 1st Option

In the first option, you can enable Fastlane technology to 5 GHz for connection between extender and device.

  • 2nd Option

In the second option, you can enable the option between extender and router to 5 GHz channel.

Save Settings

Save all the settings after applying the changes. You might be asked to restart your Netgear extender. If yes, you should reboot the range extender.


Accessing the Netgear range extender login page could be difficult in some cases. If you face the same issue, you should access it by using the IP address. After the Fastlane technology option is enabled, you get super-fast internet accessibility right from your comfort zone.

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