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Star Swim Schools

Star Swim Schools was established on the principle that water safety and skills are invaluable life lessons for young children. To this end, Star is dedicated to offering quality training sessions with proven results while creating a playful yet educationally beneficial learn-to-swim atmosphere for its pupils.

Lori Komer and Ben Komer run our family-style swimming school together as mother and son team, providing students with an exceptional sense of ohana (family) and teamwork to accelerate progression through levels more quickly. Between them they bring over 25 years of experience teaching children how to swim successfully with a proven track record of success.

Over time, they have created an exceptional culture at their swim school that attracts and retains top teachers while offering consistent high-quality training to their students. Their facility was purpose built with a relaxed feel to foster good relations between students, teachers and parents while encouraging a supportive atmosphere between all three – crucial factors in its success and setting them apart from other large local swim schools while helping students build confidence quickly in the water.

We offer baby swimming lessons

Swimming can be an amazing way to keep your baby healthy and content. Swimming provides cardiovascular and respiratory benefits, helps strengthen coordination and balance, is social activity for you both and provides them with confidence in the water! It may even help them overcome fears associated with water.

Babies can begin swimming lessons from birth. While some recommendations state that women should wait six weeks postpartum before entering a pool, this has nothing to do with your baby’s ability to learn swimming. What matters more than anything is making sure your infant feels secure when entering the water; you can help do this by talking to them beforehand and taking them with another member of the family who knows how best to assist them while in the water.

The Star Swim School provides learn-to-swim programs year round, including baby swimming lessons for babies aged four months or above. Swimming class Cranbourne are held in heated pools with plenty of instructors on hand so your baby receives plenty of individual attention from each one.

We offer toddler swimming lessons

Swimming is one of the key life skills kids should develop from an early age. Not only is it an enjoyable activity, but swimming also serves as an effective form of physical exercise and helps improve balance and posture – all within an enjoyable low-impact sport! Swimming offers incredible fitness results while relieving stress.

Baby swimming lessons Cranbourne can help overcome children’s fear of water and develop an appreciation for aquatic sports, while creating a bonding experience between parent and their babies. Classes usually take place in a warm, safe pool under the guidance of experienced swim instructors. Star Swim Schools is one such quality swim school offering free trial lessons as well as comprehensive learn-to-swim programs suitable for all ages.

Small group sizes ensure each child gets the attention they deserve from their instructor, who will teach basic swimming techniques and safety procedures in a warm, clean, safe pool. Classes are also intended to foster a love of water and lay a solid foundation for future learning experiences.

Star Swim instructors are highly-experienced in teaching children of all ages and abilities to swim. Their goal is to give each student an enjoyable, rewarding swimming experience and help them realize their full potential. Their teaching methods focus on water safety as an invaluable life lesson – this commitment to providing developmentally-appropriate learn-to-swim environments has proven immensely successful!

We offer adult swimming lessons

Brunswick Baths and Coburg Leisure Centre offers various programs for adults looking to enhance their swimming ability. These sessions, led by fully certified coaches, are tailored for everyday lap swimmers through to competitive athletes. Brunswick Baths also runs Casual Fitness Squad and Club Development Squad sessions specifically tailored towards reaching performance goals.

These classes take place in warm, clean and safe indoor swimming pools that provide personalized attention for each student in a nurturing environment. Small class sizes ensure each learner develops strong swimming fundamentals and safety habits without frustration or injury.

Experienced instructors will guide you through breathing techniques, floating and swimming strokes at our heated indoor pools at various times throughout the year to keep you comfortable and avoid getting cold. Swimming is an enjoyable yet effective form of exercise that works every part of the body without straining joints or damaging lungs – perfect for people suffering from asthma, arthritis or other respiratory ailments as it’s low impact yet quick at burning calories quickly!

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