DNS Server Not Working

100% Fix DNS Server Not Working?

What is “DNS Server not responding”?

If you are getting a DNS server issue. You need to Change DNS server On Windows 11. The error caused by that DNS server not responding can cause frustration and reduce your productivity. We will provide more information concerning DNS before we look at the various solutions to the issue. DNS is a naming framework. Domain Name System (DNS) is a different leveled, decentralized system for naming that can be used by computers and administrators. This framework interprets hostnames in terms of IP addresses. A hostname example is www.pcrisk.com. A typical IP address is If DNS did not exist, browsing the web wouldn’t be straightforward, as we’d have to input IP addresses for each website we wanted to visit. It’s simpler to remember www.pcrisk.com than this is a truth that is true for every page.

DNS servers are employed because it is easier to remember and comprehend words and numbers, but also, PCs have to make use of IP deliverers to access websites. Furthermore, computers save DNS responses locally, which means DNS requests don’t happen every time you connect to the same name for a specific region you’ve visited recently. If your computer has made a decision to use the IP address that relates to an area’s name, it will be able to recall the area

Different Systems Have Different Solutions.

When you connect a gadget with your personal computer or to other systems via the Internet and try to connect to the Internet connection could fail by a “DNS server isn’t reacting” error. There may be several reasons behind this. It is possible to fix DNS issues by examining your current association or making other associations ineffective.

This article will present possibilities for solutions to this “DNS server isn’t reacting” error that you may be able to try to pinpoint the problem.

DNS Server not responding? Change The DNS Server

To resolve the issue regarding your IP DNS server Try to switch the DNS servers to Google’s Public DNS, a free option for Domain Name System (DNS) administration that is available to Internet users around the world. The public DNS servers and administration are maintained and controlled by Google. It functions as a recursive DNS server assigning the area name goals to any hosting service that is on the Internet.

To switch your DNS server’s name to that of Google’s navigate to the Network Connections settings. Select the Start menu right-clicking and choose “System Connections”, or go to Settings, and then click” Network and Internet”.change DNS server stage 1. It may cause the  WiFi Connected But No Internet Access On Windows 11.

Choose your type of association within the Network and Internet settings window (for our case, “Ethernet”) on the left-hand side and then you can click “Change connector choices” on the right sheet.

Change DNS 2

Right-click the option you want to edit and choose “Properties,” starting from the drop-down menu.

Change DNS 3

Choose “Web Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and then click “Properties”.

Change DNS 4

Within the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties window, choose “Utilize the accompanying DNS server addresses” Enter in”The “Favored DNS server” and as the “Other DNS server”. Click “alright” to spare changes and then check to see if it fixes the issue that is caused by”which DNS server to use” “DNS server isn’t reacting” error.

Change DNS 5

Debilitate IPv6

Web Protocol rendition 6 (IPv6) is the most recent version to the Internet Protocol (IP). This interchanges convention provides an ID and area framework to computers on systems and of course traffic on the Internet. IPv6 was developed to handle the long time ago anticipated problem that is IPv4 account fatigue. The ability to disable the IPv6 highlight can help fix this “DNS server isn’t reacting” error.

The easiest way to disable IPv6 for Windows is to disable IPv6 on the Windows work framework can be done by using the Network and Sharing Center. Navigate to Control Panel and snap “View organize status and errands” under “System and Internet” to start it.

IPV6 Stage 1

In your status window for your association In the status window of your association, click “Properties” and .disable the IPv6 stage 3. In your association’s properties window find “Web Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)” and then uncheck the checkbox that allows you to disable it. Select “alright” to save modifications and then check if this resolves any issues with the “DNS server isn’t responding” mistake.

IPV6 Stage 2

Reset Your Router

Simply restarting your switch modem could fix the issue. It is recommended to try this first. In the event that there’s an “On/Off” button on your switch, push it to shut off your switch, then hold it for some time, then turn it back on. In the event that there’s no catch on the switch, remove it from the power supply. When your switch is restarted, try restarting your computer and determine if it has any effect.

The problem in your switch configuration could also trigger that “DNS server isn’t responding” mistake. To correct it you can reset the switch back to default settings. Go to the setup page, then click the “Reset” option. Be aware resetting your switch back to its factory settings can also reset the switch’s secret wording.

Type MAC Address Manually

A Media Access Control address (MAC address) of a device is a unique identifier that is handed out to set up interfaces for communications in the layer that connects information in the section of a system. Macintosh addresses serve as a system address to support the majority of IEEE 802 system advances, which include Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

It’s utilized to perform entered instructions which is a significant portion of which are used to automatize processes by using contents and group records. It is able to perform advanced authoritative capabilities, analyze, and addresses specific types of Windows problems. Command Prompt’s official designation can be described as Windows Command Processor, yet it’s also often referred to as the command shell or cmd short or even mentioned by its name in the filename cmd.exe.

Command Prompt

Certain commands available within Windows require you to run them via the raised Command Prompt, with chairman-level advantages. To open a raised Command Prompt you need to type “order short” into Search and then right-click on it to reveal the “Direction Prompt” result. Be sure to use the command prompt in case you receive an error message. DNS server’s message saying it isn’t responding. This will make Windows 11 run better.

Reset IP and clear DNS

When you click “Run as administrator” A User Account Control brief will be displayed asking whether you have granted you to use the Command Prompt to make changes to your computer. Snap “Yes”.

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